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  1. you are welcome to join us on Har if you like, i have a post under yours. we are a great community. pm me for details ! dont mind helpin you move
  2. oh i see! i was confused for w second.. We currently have around 60+ people with around 8-12 dailies or so. Got 4 new people yesterday though so its popin up again. Hell at launch when everyone was going crazy we were seeing 50+ on every day was absolutly insaine!
  3. New statue types! Gold Statues Silver Statues Etc.... Statues This would greatly increase the use of gold and some of the other metals while also adding alot more diversity to designs.
  4. Gardening Skill Changes! *Allow for placement of shrubbery, hedges, trees and flowers freely instead of central planting or random planting. This idea could be tiered based on your gardening level.. *allow for free placement of hedges aswell, provided you have the corosponding gardening level . example : bush requires level 20 gardening for free placement of the planted bush. etc. I think this is a very simple but important addition. This allows for more customizable flowerbeds aswell as better landscaping options!