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  1. Wonderful! We'll be up in the next day or so. Thank you!
  2. Hi there! Just wondering if this sermon group is still active and accepting new people? Thanks!
  3. I was just curious if anyone else on Harmony had noticed an uptick in the past week or two with an increase in animal illness and how often the grass is packed. Our 1x3 horse pens contain 2 horses and constantly have "packed dirt" tiles. They are replanted as soon as they are noticed so often several times a day. As for illness our sheep pens are 2x4. One had 6 sheep and the other had 5. Both had several end up sick even though diseased animals are removed and isolated immediately. Diseased animals are isolated and groomed and still never recover. This is a far cry from our experiences a few weeks back as a day or two after isolation and care the animal would recover and packed grass happened much less. I have high enough animal husbandry to see that "constantly hungry" and the "sick" (ex has some illness etc) genes are not in play. Insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Excellent service! Great products and prices! Thank you!
  5. All were above ground. None of them were hitched. They are in a free range pen that is 3x10 with a Fo altar located inside the pen. Animal husbandry is 44 so I can see all "bad traits" listed. All animals had 3 or less "total" stats, so no "hidden traits. The only horses in the pen were ones that had ONE bad trait each. All traits remained after casting. A few cows had bad traits, those are still there as well. I keep records of horses and traits. Edited to add much like the other locations it failed for, we are also located in the south.
  6. Holy Crop was just cast 9/29 and did not remove any traits from our animals. Some details that cover questions that some have asked.. altar is 20ql, was built in that area, was pushed a small distance (few spaces just to center), and there are NO other altars within range (there is a one tile difference between the Fo and the Vyona altar so there is no overlap). Is there a update on this situation?