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  1. It's not just the carpets. Dyed beds are now a muted color. They look more pastel when before they were darker in color.
  2. We've updated stock and are open for business. Come shop at our merchants or find a spot for your own merchant!
  3. What happened: I was leading a horse that I intended to kill, when I selected "attack's -> target", the combat screen popped up and my character promptly started fighting the horse WHILE the horse was still being led. What I expected to happen: In the past, we've been unable to hit livestock that we were leading until we stopped leading it. Steps to produce it: Lead an animal and then "attack -> target" it and wait. The combat screen pops up and you start parrying back and forth with the animal. I used a horse and a ram. When I asked ingame if this was intended or simply an update that I missed the announcement for, it was suggested I put in a bug report. I do see in the update that there was a change made to leading when using "Charm Animal", but it did not mention the ability to now kill led animals. Not sure if it matters but I'm on Harmony so PVE server.
  4. We're working on updating the livestock! We have merchants with lots of goodies on them and we also have space available for others to install their own merchant!
  5. I just placed an order with Dargol over pm. My order was filled fast and just as I asked. Thanks for such excellent service!!!
  6. Lots of items for sale on merchants!! Come check it out at our new location! Don't forget to take a look at our free animal pen