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  1. Updated to add that leather armor of 80ql now available!!
  2. Stock updated! Come visit us at Bifrost Canal!
  3. Working on updating stock. What's listed is what's still available.
  4. Hi Kryss! So sorry I missed your post. I was traveling for a bit and unavailable. Right now we are working on reinforcing the tunnel and canal. We need to make a lot of mine supports so if you would like to help by cutting trees and mining iron so that supports can be made we would greatly appreciate it. You can message Zegrim, Katharina or Darwenius in game and they can arrange for pickup or delivery of supplies. Thank you for offering to help.
  5. Great! The more the merrier! We're over at O16, you'll see our cog named Mjollnir. Right now we're digging up all the dirt to get down to the rock.
  6. Greetings fellow Wurmians! The Bifrost/Asgard Alliance is extremely pleased to announce the opening of the Silverfish Canal and Tunnel System. This canal and tunnel system is a shortcut, that connects the western side of Harmony to Harmony Bay, and allows for ships of all sizes to sail right into Harmony Bay without having to go all the way south or north. The canal is free for use for all to use! A special thanks to the one guy who stopped to help us dig for a few days! We appreciate the help! Previous post: