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  1. I've bought a few things from Nessime now, rugs for my house, some horses, saddles, leatherworking, each time, quick and easy service that's reasonably priced. Not only that, she has answered questions for me also on occasion when I've had in game questions regarding her craft . Can't recommend highly enough!
  2. Thanks again for another awesome transaction! WOA on some horse gear. I'm riding across the plains like a mad woman!
  3. Metal brush, Iron, 50coc - 50c Then on behalf of my friends, is it possible to get custom order of a few weapons? just after silver, two handed sword, spear, and large axe with nimb and LT. cod.
  4. Longsword, iron, 71ql, 80nimb, 62LT, 60coc, 61ms - 11s Huge axe, silver, 71ql, 74nimb, 90LT, 84coc, 76ms - 22s COD if possible to TaiKee :)