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  1. I wonder if you need to ask the devs to opt out of the exploration update as well. Or asked for your deed to be opted-in. If you are truly concerned about remaining anonymous etc - because I was sent to an active deed on treasure hunt last night to dig something up from one of their statues next to their property. Might be something you want to raise with them giving out deed names etc without permissions.
  2. As someone who loves to regularly explore - I love the community map. For me, it's not a resource for looting, it's simply another tool for finding my way home when I've gone out foresting in the middle of no where and am trying to find my way home. If I actually stumble across a deed and can find where I am - SUPER handy! Sailing around the edge of a map and finding a deed listed when youre lost - again SUPER handy - zero to do with looting 100% to do with helping getting yourself home.
  3. I've used Achillis from making high quality needles for compasses to imping my gorgeous silver axe. He's great, timley and active within the community! I also recommend checking out his awesome deed - it's gorgeously setup. 🥰
  4. Hey Heartland....

    Sounds like fun!!