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  1. I've used Achillis from making high quality needles for compasses to imping my gorgeous silver axe. He's great, timley and active within the community! I also recommend checking out his awesome deed - it's gorgeously setup.
  2. Hey Heartland....

    Sounds like fun!!
  3. Sounds great!! Chickens are still heading for the chopping block though, more trouble than they are worth now. And as a new player who started getting into horse breeding I welcome the changes, I stopped breeding entirely because the horse market is flooded and over crowded. Hopefully this will add some more life to it.
  4. May I get 100, 90+ shipped to TaiKee please sir?
  5. Hope you get it working Griffles, cause that just means you're dragging me outta Wurm to play other games now with you . Plus, it's really hard to go after an IPS for poor service when we can log outa Wurm and go play a fast paced, shooty game or other MMOs with zero issue...
  6. Hey Serzane! Yeah the area needs some love and hey, if we don't do it who will!
  7. Good day. We were wondering in Freedom Chat today if it is possible to remove the one way portal to Cadence from Harmony? It made sense to have it when Harmony had a lot more players than that server, but now Harmony is one of the least populated, is it possible to have that removed? Thanks.
  8. Hello all! As some of you know from Harmony Freedom chat we are working on a boat tunnel to connect Heartland to the bay, so people can pick up new users directly without any fuss! We are also trying to pretty up the area a bit, we will be dredging the lake up, building the shores up again. We started replanting trees to rebuild the forests. Most work is happening on the weekends, feel free to stop and look - or stop by on the weekends and lend a hand!
  9. Thank you! I started planting and managed over 250+ this evening. We also started fixing the highway. Hwesta began the entrance of the tunnel - which is where the bridge will also be *wooden to match Heartland* We have had a great donation of tree sprouts and a lot more non-fruit trees will be going in so new users will have something to CHOP! Annnd hopefully look a lot nicer!! So much more to go
  10. Hey Eck can I get a second 60 Leather barding? Thanks!
  11. Could I get a 60 leather barding and adventurer hat sent to TaiKee please? Thank you!
  12. Could I please one of your 80 plate sets please? Sent to TaiKee in game thanks.
  13. Bought my priest Jaira an awesome outfit from Arno last night.