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  1. Much like coastal deeds, some players deed near the tundra for that sole purpose. Even if tundra regrowth spread has been increased and transmutation liquid exists, it still takes an insane lot of time to prepare everything needed to undo the damage (time that could be enjoyed doing other fantastic Wurm things). Yes, maybe not quite "world ending" but I'm sure nobody wants to wake up to their local backyard tundra in this state and have to walk the path to repair it.
  2. Hi I'd like to order: COD to Sigmarr 1. metal brush, iron, ~2ql, 84coc - 0,5s 2. chisel blade, iron, ~17ql - 88coc - 0,50s Thanks!
  3. Holy Crop Rdy

    Hi all, I have a Fo priest at 70.57 faith that would love to participate if there is room. Just let me know when! on Harmony