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  1. Holy Crop Rdy

    Hi all, I have a Fo priest at 70.57 faith that would love to participate if there is room. Just let me know when! IGN Sigmarr on Harmony
  2. Auction of: Emeralds x17, x8 under 10QL, x9 over 10QL. Total: 185.62QL Ruby x16, x9 under 10QL, x7 over 10QL Total: 197.66QL Sapphires x15, x8 under 10QL, x7 over 10QL. Total: 157.16QL Diamonds x26 x16 under 10QL, x10 over 10QL. Total: 276.84QL Opals x27, x15 under 10QL, x12 over 10QL. Total: 235.08 QL. 101 Total Gems Total QL: 1052.36 See gems here: 2 days 3 hours Auction Starting Bid of 10s Increments of 1s 1 hour snipe protection No Buyout Pick up K15 Harmony or delivery to coastline.
  3. WTS 50QL Rosewood Corbita Depending on your preference, can add any amount of crates/creature cages up to: Corb with 49 Large Crates Or contact Saltzpyre in-game for custom order!