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  1. Well next to the inbalance from spells of libila against the split up WL Gods specialization. There's still the fact that a battle priest has way higher chance to outperform a battle crafter in pvp. Therefore a wild suggestion of.. an alternative route to balance the field by giving everyone the ability to priest without restriction. Instead of Gianna's suggestion of basicly giving crafters with 30 faith access to a weaker version to spells. Which i also find a neat and awesome solution. But i think the essence is the same.
  2. My opinion on this is that identity should be made through effort put in skills. Not by restrictions and limitations.
  3. I find the idea of giving new spells to 30 faith no-priest really awesome. But what if... (just gonna throw this one out there) we just remove the disadvantages for priests on defiance. Meaning everyone can priest up without losing crafting / imping / etc abilities. For current main crafters, it'll even the battle field. For current main priests, they'll enjoy the game more by being able to craft again. Plus it's an easy implementation/fix! The 'pve' / specialization aspect will be kept anyhow because it takes a very long road to get to high channeling skill. So for example, enchanters will still only be those with high 60/70+ channeling skill. Basicly like how crafters are having different specialization but still being able to do and choose all.
  4. What's up doc? At the moment doors open and close when you're about to walk through them. What i would love to see is being able to leave a door open. Suggestion If permissions are set to you being able to manage a door. Add an option to doors to leave the door open. Why even? Less door sounds Can instantly see if a door is public if left open, otherwise probably private Friendly way to invite guests, friends and neighbours Connect separated indoor rooms with doors by leaving them open.
  5. Follow up from support ticket: 180569 Intro Secretly we all know this one.. and it's work around by using a different kingdom alt.. but the current system actually does not support and allow that (anti spy alt system) What's up doc? We can only take ownership of a boat or cart by stealing it from another kingdom. This means we cannot recycle boats and carts from our own kingdom. Currently what most people do to bypass is, picklocking the boat and then jumping in with a different kingdom alt account, then jump in with your main account. Voila~ boat is yours. Expected fix. For pvp servers. If you picklock the cart/boat, you should get ownership right away. Isn't this a suggestion rather than bug? Well.. partially.. Because of the current rules and anti spy alt system. you are actually not allowed to even use a different kingdom alt while you have your main logged in.
  6. i got a weapon drop, till 12 hours ago~ the sleep powder/weapon drop feature was accidently turned off aparently.
  7. Was this feature reverted at/after the hotfix?
  8. Follow up from ingame ticket: 180538. Intro Empress is a kingdom title that is hardcoded unto the king of kingdom and shouldnt be able to hide it.. or double it? When I give myself or someone an office title, for example shaman, the option is received to put on the kingdom title through /titles command. The issue Now if you have more than 1 office title, you still only have 1 selectable option for showing the kingdom title. So if you have both Shaman and Seer for example. You can only flex ingame with one of the two. Since the game see's the empress title as an office title, i can now do some showing and hiding of it. What this results into Either Oneechan [Empress][Empress] or purely Oneechan without empress title. But the part without empress title, seems to act up a bit weird and needs further investigating. Might only be the case it dissapears on my client, either way buggy.
  9. Yes, i fully agree Ryaanna! Bring some more excitement to the game. Even some small gimmick events can bring the game more alive