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  1. bump for awareness. few more items to sell.
  2. Hi can i get a 70 QL butcher & carving knife? CoD to kaynsable. ty
  3. Items requested have been delivered/sent.
  4. bloods 4s ea kyklops black dragon sold forest giant x3 sold goblin leader sold black dragon scale .01 2.5s sleep powder x3 1.5s ea sold rift material rift stone shard 25c rift crystal x2 40c rare seryll lump 0.25 83QL 2.5s Sold supreme iron lump 24 QL 50c sold 48 QL 60c sold assorted rare ingredients 10c ea camellia, chopped pea pods, ground fennel seeds, ground ginger assorted supreme ingredients 15c ea chopped garlic, sage, wheat flour rare stone bricks x3 20c ea sold lingonberrywood peg x1 75c sold
  5. I think it's a great idea for PVE servers but probably not a good idea for PVP servers.
  6. On my main (steam client) I crafted a white cloth hood cotton. I then gave it to my alt (steam) client. I put it on, didn't like the look and took it off. On the character that took the hat off, everything looks fine. But the main and a 2nd alt (regular client) they see the character now has no hair.