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  1. I've been stuck on the same "clue" in 2 reports for the longest time. I just keep finding out the mayor and re-writing it - I feel like that shouldn't be possible.
  2. I've switched to Toxa as he offers better pricing, more options and is fast to deliver!
  3. It's not the players with multiple 90s which are problematic to the economy as they are still limited by their actions as to what they produce; in fact locking accounts into specialism would be detrimental as it would mean those generalists who would otherwise be skilling for personal gains are now focused on one skill, and they are now likely managing more than one account and producing more. Fundamentally its and issue of items not being taken out of circulation which means the economy will eventually stagnate. I'd suggest simply limiting the number of times an item can be repaired and perhaps adding an enchant which reduces the damage taken on an item. Limiting the number of times an item can be repaired would encourage players to make the most use of an item before repairing. This would also mean that a player with low blacksmithing would have to pay for an imp if they overuse a high QL item which they have bought, further stimulating the economy (this would massively favour blacksmithing a profession though).
  4. Offer accepted privately
  5. I buy my food from Bhoriss, good and organised service; would recommend!
  6. Starting Bid: 15s Minimum Bid: 1s Snipe Protection: 1 hour Buyout: Offers welcome Pick up from M19 Cadence. Delivery negotiable - can move to the coast for pickup.
  7. Bump. Updated the thread to reflect our progress as a deed
  8. Bought an archaeology journal from Nessime after posting a WTB in trade chat a while back! Fair pricing and fast service, would recommend
  9. As a returning player something I have found quite frustrating is the wiki itself. It seems so outdated, articles either lack information or are filled with irrelevant information. Perhaps this compliant is more directed towards the community rather than the devs themselves; which brings me onto another thing worth noting with regards to new players: information online with regards to skilling can often be misleading due to the age of the game, for instance I had a new player join my village and I saw he'd been banging out arrows shafts like no ones business after he read about the ol' arrow shaft + forge technique not knowing that the BSB default is now log rather than knife. There is updated content on Wurm, but it tends to be long streams or written guides. Not really much you can do about that though I guess?
  10. It's hard to think of a reasonable 'end game' for Wurm as it's a sandbox MMO. Wurm doesn't have the mechanics of normative MMOs like instancing and looting which are more often than not the core mechanics of the endgame. The endgame is decided by you and perhaps by being part of a larger village you're sacrificing this aspect of the game.
  11. I'm currently building a highway heading West from Omletopia. This could be extended to the West coast, however once I reach enough in land I'd like to make a junction going either to Sonata or Encore. I don't know any of the owners of the deeds I've drawn the red line through, so if you can point them my direction please do.
  12. 2554, 2385 Omeletopia There's two deeds either side of me. I will tell them about this
  13. Hello guys thought I should update this post as I've been a while! Look at our progress below! I made this post originally having just returned to the game and started a 20x25 deed with no one to join me. Since then I've taken both returning players and new players and we've built a solid casual deed. The settlement itself is a lakeside deed located at M19 which you can see on the community map. There's both clay and tar within the deed perimeters, plentiful veins on deed and the local infrastructure is starting to take form - you can sail down to the coast through the canal system! Currently we all European players with an Aussie on nightshift. We have 70+ Carp, 60+ Mining, 50+ Smithing and 50+ Farming amongst us. We currently have a Vyn Priest as well as a Fo and Magnaron priests in the making. Whether you are an experienced player looking for advantages of being part of a community or a new player after some guidance, Omeletopia would be happy to have you! If you are interested in joining feel free to message me on Discord freaz#1880 or /tell icfred, icecold or morphaana in game.