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  1. Grott's Steelworks Sanderling Priory, Harmony About me: I am stonebreaker, miner, trollslayer Grottenolm and I love to be underground. After my last mayor was gone, I found a new home at Sanderling Priory. Because I am a scaredy cat I searched after the best armour for the world above. Steel chainmail is the best I could get my hands on for these monsters (except Scorpions). It is not without reason that I think it is superior to the plate armour, so don't think chainmail is a worse choice than plate. Quite the opposite. I am a real steel lover, but maybe you guys can't afford it, so I will add the iron option soon for half the price to protect you and your purse. Have a nice time shopping Grott Open Steel chainmail 50QL (20% Discount until 01.10.2020) Iron chainmail 50QL Raw Steel Lumps (0,4 Weight)
  2. I started Wurm with its Steam release, so you could call me fairly new. Before I played the game I've eaten the wiki and was zero confused and not even once had to ask a question to this day. When I had a question it was sth. about the programming or pricing. Wurm online is a very simple game, easy to learn, easy to master. So I have zero tolerance for those people who don't want to read or get read the rules of the game. That are my 2 cents, peace out