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  1. They could have easily put in a message in the splash screen of the loader YESTERDAY with the maint patch... or every thursday before that.
  2. we just want answers.. its been a month.. people are tired of lack of responsibility..
  3. it already has some post have been deleted
  4. @Enki @Darklordshi anything?
  5. Bridge from 1886, 3158 to 1808, 3158 Bridge from 1642, 3151 to 1632, 3106 Bridge from 1333, 3013 to 1332, 2932 Bridge from 1237, 2675 to 1235, 2637 Bridge from 1267, 2516 to 1252, 2516
  6. Dear Devs, Can we please get an official update on what is looking at being fixed, and a timeline of possible patches to making anything better? The games lack of communication is only getting worse and the lack of transparency is only reassuring the players trust that you are not even remotely doing anything to get things fixed. During this time animals being bread are far from ok and only getting worse over time. Peat is spreading at a daily rate. Bugs are still causing issues. What are you planning on doing? Also don't just reply with a "were working on it" put it on the splash screen so we do not have to dig into a 10 page long forum post.. at least try to act like this is a real game from a real company update the player base on the plan, the fix, and the timeline. Still waiting on what Demona said we would get an official post..
  7. Description: Magranon needs 10 of you to bring and give short bows to young Avatar of Magranon. Young Avatar of Magranon was last seen near Keldon's Keep in the center regions. on other servers this gives the map tile location. I was asked by CA help to make a post asking if this is a bug or not as other servers would tell you Keldon's keep is at amp tile N 15.
  8. Everyone knows on death you lose skill unless your level 9 path of knowledge or higher. What I and now many other are finding is that the 3X exp only last one single skill tick in that skill. The biggest known skill is fighting. Has anyone else noticed this too and confirm this for me?
  9. Terrapin Station 825, 2479 disbanded Secret to Song 1239, 2682 mission structure Passage to sleep 2650, 2879 mission structure Shimmer to fool 687, 2607 mission structure Obelisk of luck 2707, 2682 mission structure Stand of Seafarer 2570, 2986 mission structure
  10. my shoulders both took damage in the last few days while i was wearing them.
  11. Dodo's Nest 2250, 2546 disbanded Elderon 2310, 2791 disbanded Mount Vernon 2353, 2736 disbanded Helmfirth 2239, 2336 disbanded