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  1. I just added our first offerings of furniture to our Encore location. As always, if you would like to order something for your home or business, please contact myself (Siminary) or my sister (Reaperith).
  2. Coming soon, even MORE furniture stock in Encore. There will be a full restock in sonata as well as the opening of our vendor in Encore. If you'd like some furniture or accessories of your very own made just for you, please contact either Siminary or Reaperith
  3. New vendor in Encore, Finally. Reaperith and I shall be continuing to selling our ware from both Sonata and Encore. Look for a full range of furniture and decor at both locations. If you want to have furniture made for you, please contact Siminary or Reaperith.

  4. hearts, small pottery amphora and a RARE pottery planter added to Sonata vendor.
  5. Furniture on Sonata vendor restocked, plus the addition of cupboards
  6. And when i say PM me in world, what I mean is, If you are interested in doing business, i.e. buying and selling with me. What I don't mean is for general help question concerning the game or forums. I am not a GM, Admin or Mod of any kind. I am a player; just like you. If you need game or forum help, please refer to the appropriate sources. Not me.
  7. New section added: "Not On Vendor" which includes a whole bunch or animal parts. PM me in world or leave me a message here if I'm offline.
  8. [10:39:23] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in a bit more than an hour.
  9. NEW! 1x rare stone brick - 10c 2x rare stone shards - 4c each
  10. I don't have bison at all. I would LIKE some though. Milk I have. I need to go to sonata to get it from my vendor. I can do that later this evening.
  11. Just a note to customers: If it isn't listed, we don't have any to sell you. I just don't want y'all wasting your time trying to get a product from us that we don't have. I update frequently and I'm active in-world, so this list stays current. Striked out or deleted items have been sold.
  12. Updated description of vendor and items to the new location and name: Cape Nevermore.
  13. Just added to Nevermore Harbor vendor in Sonata: Rare Grapewood Sprout - 15c Sealed Sheep's Milk Barrel 40c Sealed Cow's Milk Barrel - 30c
  14. New items added to vendor including Dog's paws Emerald Milk Wooden tools Yellow Potions The Public Workshop at Nevermore Harbor is OPEN! Bring your own mats and tools. We currently have: 2 ovens 2 forges 1 kiln