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  1. My "go to" weaponsmith for a very long time. Everytime the best experience, Amazing, fast and friendly Thanks for those OP weapon imps!
  2. Thank you for that perfect needle Great service, fair prices, can only recommend!
  3. Can you pls send me a 95ql needle. CoD to Melianna and thank you
  4. Please add Sea Breeze at 951, 457. Athos deed has disbanded 1800, 1696 Thank you
  5. Same name, send to Melianna please and thank you
  6. Deed : Crystal Meadows 1094, 294
  7. Absolutely amazing and very fast service, fair prices, friendly attitude:) All the recommendations to this guy!
  8. High quality service, very nice and friendly. Great pricing and lightning speed delivery! We even got some helpful tips !
  9. Amazing tailoring service, fast, friendly and great pricing
  10. Amazing service! bunch of good quality sprouts in no time, with fast delivery too