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  1. Hello all! The people of melody are looking for help! We are working on the groot tunnel wich opens up a root from the south Sea to the inlands of melody for quicker access of trading and travel. The tunnels name is "Groot tunnel". The stone is almost all removed, there are 15 ore veins we need help removing. Some iron of medium QL and others. If you are a tradesman or high class wheel an dealer, this opens up more opportunity to you as well! So grab your pick axe with woa and coc and give us a hand! Everything you mine you are free to take with you so bring a boat with loads of storage. The entrances are S15-S16.
  2. Thank you sheriff! another happy customer!!!! been waiting a while for that mine to cave in, and was very quick and money was right! will be telling all my friends of this great mag priest!! tysvm again and i wont forget this one!