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  1. Seems i missed my guest appearance in ep1 Glad you liked the Hotel Cowlifornia,good videos,keep up the good work
  2. This is a plea to remove traitor missions from the Valrei missions on Defiance. With a huge map and a dwindling playerbase,whenever a traitor mission pops eveything grinds to a halt. If every active kingdom joined in and searched for it together, i feel the chances of locating the traiter mob would still be close to zero! Please remove these missions so we can continue to compete against each other and not sit waiting for the timer to expire Thankyou.
  3. There is a bug where a rider of a cart/wagon who is not the owner gets the event message: 'You may not leave the server with this boat. You need to be explicitly specified in the boat's permissions.' The error was fixed by allowing the rider permissions to manage the vehicle. RE #64161
  4. More screenshots looking West from Happy Daze,the peat has now spread right to the paved tiles also added a screenshot looking East at Happy Daze to show the extent of the infestation.
  5. Both deeds are on Cadence,both deed owners are in our alliance and can confirm this has spread naturally without any player intervention. 1st image is west of Happy Daze deed 2 nd image is looking North East from Ravenrest deed.Both areas were originally just 3-4 tiles.
  6. I was asked to post here as ive noticed that peat is naturally spreading and slowly consuming large areas of the map
  7. Wild horses

    All horses are showing as wild in the inspect panel.
  8. I used the advice here to fix my crashes/hangs
  9. Have you checked windows event viewer? i have been having the same issue lately and it was a windows error 10010 a DCOM issue which i have now resolved.
  10. hi i spoke with carbon yesterday about a delivery to encore.I would like Jollypearl/Eastwing and also Swiftlad/greytear (if theyre breeding pairs)idk about horses lol