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  1. ill go ahead and necro this again. i believe the soul strength gained by riding does not persist over restart anyway. just figured id leave this here incase someone randomly comes looking.
  2. .288 dragon scales. Taking offers.
  3. unless I’m wrong you would have a .5% chance to get a body strength or pole arms tick this is what I’m saying because it’s related to the skill you rapidly outlevel the others but unlike basically all other skills there’s no way to control the difficulty it just only increases
  4. i mean i think a way to lower your effective weapon skill would probably be the easiest way? unless i am mistaken the way weapon skills work. the skill is the difficulty. so you maintain basically a 40ish% chance to get a tick the whole way? but because the difficulty is increasing with the skill always you basically outskill the parent/characteristic skills very quickly and theres no way to change that.
  5. Bump even something simple like a way to lower effective weapon skill
  6. Currently you gain characteristics using the skill in the weapon that they are the grandparent to as difficulty I believe. this leads to a situation where unless you have insane characteristics it rapidly becomes very unlikely to get ticks as you gain weaponskill much faster, there is a limited number of weapons and once you are out you are out. I propose this is changed in some way to make it a more viable early - mid characteristic option. this would have the added benefit on pvp servers of encouraging people to leave deed to get stronger.
  7. Do they normally ban/unban people and make public announcements I feel like most games don’t talk about stuff unless it’s huge. Hell I feel like a lot of games crack down on even talking about that kinda stuff
  8. what is unfair? out of curiosity
  9. in mortal online you can 6v18 100% can link multiple videos of it
  10. i feel like the chests much like the mob powder and depots etc should all be just incentives to go out into the actual world.