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  1. They also seemingly lowered the min ql from the camps as before I looted many camps and never got sub 50ql but I got like 23ql or somethibg when I did one last night aha. Not complaining just saying it wasn't in the notes or might not be intended
  2. +100000000 a quiver of arrows is 41 items an armor set toolbelt weapons and shield horse gear and barding is less than half that
  3. It might also be a good idea to make the not very good or now less useful kingdom titles have a better effect The economic one does less now that traders have been changed. Not sure what it could do though. Court smith is basically useless if the person has high skills and now that alot of bulk items are just 100% chance could be changed to to be like the addy creation bonus or imp speed. Jester and mistress I mean could get something but can also stay meme.
  4. On the pvp side of priest balance I think lib is fairly strong right now it has multiple good single target damage spells a couple buffs and multiple pillar spells that are good scorn and pain rain mostly. And rebirth. Vyn could maybe use something to make it a little better in pvp but it's such a useful enchant priest its probably fine how it is. Mag is good for pvp just from it's base priest abilities. Though fire pillar seems really weak right now. And fo which I've been playing as is really good the only negative to fo Is unlike every other priest there's no spammy hurting status low damage spell.( Though while it makes sense because fo is healer.) It puts you at a disadvantage initially in priest vs priest small fights where the other priest can put your horse hurting when your out of range to touch there's increasing the gap) Other than priests I agree titles for the imp bonus makes more sense so you can choose to use the bonus to not effect skilling. I like the idea of increased affinity gains on defiance. It's a server specific skill gain bonus and they get moved around by pvp. Getting a good affinity is better than the majority of pvp loot. Even maybe something like a rare chance on mob death of giving an affinity or an affinity for a skill you got ticks in the last 15s for. Idk affinities seem like a good way to go but sleep bonus is always a good incentive and giving it from doing stuff out and about is a really good idea. Makes up for the ability to sell stuff on harmony for it nonstop. And for the chest sleep bonus thing. They are pretty random when you run into them. It seems like it would be better for them to give sleep powder instead of bonus directly because unlike say a depot or something, you mostly run into chests not looking for a chest. So you can't really control if you already have sleep bonus or not when you find it. Might just be a wording thing and that's how it was intended to be done anyway. I'm rambling pretty hard cuz drunk so sorry for anyone who reads this lol Also does anyone have a change of pants?