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  1. Yes, but it'll be put on the backburner like everything else.I feel like they need a dev focused solely on Events and Player Retention.
  2. Sorry if it's been asked, but are pmks being considered to be turned on yet? Also, are champions going to be allowed at some point or is that a definite no?
  3. Bump Added Awls, Needles, Leather Knives, more Sickles, more Trowels, more Small Anvils
  4. I got a supreme copper 20 coin last night on Cadence killing mobs.
  5. Title is self explanatory. I recently hit 70 pottery and having a 50ql hand, why? All my other tools are 85ql and it's letting me down, and it can't be enchanted either. Allow gloves to be used in place of a hand for moulding/creation.
  6. As someone who was a through and through pvper for 85% of my wurm life, the pvp priest 'update' killed it for me. As someone else mentioned, non priests need a way to reliably interrupt casting instead of having to rely on either having more priests or being a priest yourself. Some people will say shield bashing, but even that is difficult to land at the best of times with the skill.