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  1. Bump, streamlined the post a fair bit. 10% sale has finished. Still plenty in stock, will be adding more over coming days! 40-49 price lowered 20c 50-59 price lowered 50c 60-69 price lowered 50c
  2. Under 12 hours remaining! Doubt many of these will be seen at this quality!
  3. All these butcher knives must go! Prices include COD cost. sold: 30ql 60coc knife 51ql 68 botd knife 51ql 75 botd knife 61ql 54 botd knife 61ql 83 botd knife 71ql 68 botd knife
  4. To clear some stock, I'm now offering a 10% discount on orders of 3 items or more! This only applies to items currently shown in stock.
  5. +1. as someone who has a priest main, this should be looked at.
  6. I can absolutely get this done for you. Please know that there is a risk to enchanting items that it can shatter but I am happy to proceed. Will work on it after I get home today.
  7. Bump BOTD is now a flat rate per 10 power after 40. 2c per power up to 39 40-49 Cast for just 1.20s 50-59 Cast for just 2.50s 60-69 Cast for just 4.00s 70-79 Cast for just 6.00s 80-89 Cast for just 8.00s