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  1. Hello, it's quite interesting the success you've had with breeding these. Would you please post the Inspect window of the parents? I've never seen the trait pass on like this myself.
  2. 10s Congratulations!!! This is the first I've seen auctioned and even myself, I'm missing one of a pair. Congrats to the winner cause I know I won't be willing to pay what this is worth lol.
  3. Hi, I appreciate that PoK is finally being brought to Defiance. Unfortunately, it is not working. I have been unable to get a question after many attempts, with a very high quality rug and plenty of skill.
  4. I really like the ideas here, except I'm extremely concerned... the buffs will only apply to followers/priests of the specific god? Vynora followers get extra skill, rares, and possibly affinities and I'll get... to milk cows in the area more often? o.O I think it's incredibly strange the meditation benefit is proposed for Vynora instead of Fo as well... I hope I'm misinterpreting this. There are just so many downsides to having it be follower-specific, like the apparent imbalance between gods' benefits and lower turnout for less popular gods. The imbalance is even more concerning in a PvP light, given that Black Light has one god and White Light has three. I sincerely hope that as the development for this update continues, the PvP community will be solicited for input to help ensure the mechanic is fun and useful.
  5. I harvested a rare sprout from a bush and did not receive completion for the "Find a Rare Nature Product."
  6. Seems like this is mostly working on the inspect window. But on "Examine" the time is displayed as hours, instead of minutes.
  7. Congrats Deyjan. Send me a message in game or PM me on the forum and let me know when you'd like to come pick him up.
  8. 2nd fastest horse in the game. He requires 31 body control to ride. Easily over 50 km/h in rare casted gear. Pickup from Azath, N/O16 Harmony. Starting bid: 25s Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  9. Regardless of whether we personally feel forced to optimize, there's no denying that there are concrete impacts from this mechanic. For example, ebony 5 speeds consistently go for 1g+ over an equivalent 5 speed nonebony on NFI. Ironically, with regard to Lovelie's and Sidereal's comments, I haven't actually been able to get a 4 or 5 speed ebony to go faster than an equivalent nonebony since we started this discussion. Sometime I intend to spend more time testing and put up more detailed results, but at least preliminarily, this may already not be working for riding horses. But even still, the perception is there, the newest patch notes reinforce it, and it's not fair or practical to ask, again for example, the breeder of a nonebony rare horse to try to convince the player base that their horse is in fact just as valuable as an ebony.
  10. I've done some testing on this myself because many moons ago, I really wanted to believe that ebony horses didn't get a speed boost. But unfortunately, I was able to get a higher top speed out of an ebony horse than I was with a nonebony. It's much more obvious on molten, since hell horses activate their traits more often, that they also get the speed boost. Big sad Since AH was completely overhauled with the May 2021 update, I would assume the WU code we can see is no longer valid for WO. I assume you mean mules but yes, I agree. There's almost no point to the great work they did on new draft horse models, and the previous work they did implementing new horse colors, because if you're not going all out with hell horses, draft mules blow horses out of the water, regardless of the 2.5% boost ebony horses get. I don't want to sidetrack my own thread here haha, but I do have some ideas for making a more rewarding hybrid animal that I may also post to suggestions some day.
  11. The archaeology changes are cool but I'm super sad about the "fix" to ebony/molten horses. Suggestion here:
  12. The speed boost from the color of horses should be removed or just applied to all colors. It is one of the most unfortunate circumstances of AH that in a game claiming to be a sandbox, players are not able to choose the color that they like if they want to have the fastest animals. Further, unlike most other skills in the game, optimization isn't a choice or at all related to skill. It's strictly RNG. When a blacksmith, or a weaponsmith, or a carpenter decides to make a tool or a weapon or a container, they have a choice. What metal? What wood? There are different pros and cons to the different options, and this makes the game and the skill more interesting and therefore more fun. But with AH, there is no interesting choice to be made. There is just one goal, across now both draft and speed animals, to have the offspring come out molten or ebony to be most optimal or to sell for the highest price. In addition to there being no choice is that the color code was broken with the (mostly otherwise fantastic) AH update last year. Colors like appaloosa and ebony are no long "rare" like they used to be, and even with the highest skill breeding, for example, two ebony horses only gives just under a 50% chance at the offspring being ebony. One ebony and one of another color again gives just under a 50% chance at the offspring being ebony. This is a bit of irony given the other changes included in today's patch, where higher archaeology skill gives a higher chance at the more "useful" metal types: Finally, with the fabulous introduction of rare traits, us breeders have been set up for huge disappointments when our otherwise perfectly traited animal comes out as anything except the one best color. While I think that ideally it would be really cool if the different color horses had different benefits just like the metal/wood types, I don't think this is realistic for myriad reasons. So for simplicity's sake, please just give all horses the 2.5% speed boost irrespective of color so that players can choose what they like instead of being told by the game code which is best.
  13. I see where you're coming from, but this doesn't feel right to me. Just offhand something I think could be interesting, would be to give listeners of a sermon a bit of the deity's "inspired characteristic" proportionate to the preacher's skill. It could be a small amount, akin to what you get praying. Nothing game breaking, but a little touch of something, to inspire people to skill Preaching, and give them a reason to sermon beyond 100 faith. Which also helps nudge global casts along to readiness. It would also incentivize people more to be listeners, and offset a bit of what is lost now that faith swapping for global casts has been stamped out.