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  1. Will there be rules for the sparring and races forthcoming?
  2. There's also this bug: [10:44:47] Rockalt says something under %THEIR% breath.
  3. Either the spell effects or the patch notes are wrong. Affinity chance isn't listed in the notes anymore but shows when imbibing.
  4. I had to verify Steam files and was able to connect.
  5. Tower capping seems like it could be fun, but again I'm new here. I don't know the mechanics. It seems like it was a 5 minute timer though?? That seems too short for a huge map with no rare speed traits or rare horse gear.
  6. I'm new to this. What are the existing mechanics? We are WL. If my 100 faith priest is a citizen of a deed that converts to a BL PMK, what happens? Fo isn't an eligible god for BL. Do I lose all faith? Do I autoswap Lib since that's the only option? Do I stay inactive as Fo somehow?? Right now I am mayor of a deed that is not going to be a capital of a PMK. It's in JK influence. How do I convert it?? I can't bash the JK towers linking it now til after I'm converted to PMK, but I can't convert to PMK til the JK influence is gone and PMK towers are built. 🤔
  7. +1 I would really like to effectively skill paving on Defiance also. Just disable planting them please.
  8. Justice For Trash

    They prolly wouldn't need to be afraid to express their thoughts if they were genuine, rather than the attempt at manipulating staff while simultaneously slandering Trash that was the OP.
  9. Justice For Trash

    You are projecting a lot of stuff on me. You think I know what's going on?? lol They had a Defiance event for beheading the king and no follow up. That's weird; I'm not saying it isn't. I just also think it's funny to essentially call for transparency on a fresh forum account created to keep the OP's true identity secret.