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  1. Hello, I would like to buy the custom colors F7 and N7, 2kg each, thanks.
  2. Hi, 2x blueberry peg and 1x blueberry shaft, please COD to Kvinto. Thanks.
  3. Thank you Pantha for great party.
  4. Dragon spotted.

    Dragon spotted Q-20 on the coast. If any group is going to organize itself, please remember the explorer
  5. Ok, the order is still valid. Should you ever have one, COD to me without asking.
  6. Please COD me one thorn shaft. Thanks.
  7. It's me again. Warriorsad 'F3S2D' is branded, can you unbrand him please. Thanks.
  8. And finally, thank you very much for taking care of my mailbox. Fantastic effect. I recommend your services to everyone
  9. I'm in the game every day, mostly in the evening (UTC + 2). Besides, I can adapt to any time that suits you. Just enter the date and time..
  10. Hi. Bison 'Nestor LMSL' from free pen, is branded, can you unbrand him? Thanks:)
  11. Courier 90-94 on my mailbox please. Location Q20/R20 on the coast of the island, between Angelore and Wurmansk on the community map. Deed name Refugium. When you see rare corbite you are there.