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  1. ive been bugging them for women's clothing for awhile now. work clothes would be nice too.
  2. having a chat function does not make you a chat client.
  3. what if what your sharing is a big huge tree to someone you know cant make one that big yet? it adds to the variety of gifts being given.
  4. here on the east side i cant get any work done without a spider or a wolf or a troll coming to see what all the fuss is about. i feel like there are an overabundance of monsters around, and ive been getting sick of running back and forth to the guard posts
  5. sounds like someone doesn't know what is involved in breeding the best horses. good luck getting a 5 speed without breeding a few hundred lousy ones first.
  6. i cant make my addams family mansion until we get diagonal walls! get on it!
  7. +1 i can run into battle with a fork and spoon, why cant i run in with a frying pan and rolling pin? discrimination i tell ya!
  8. actually, this is of vital importance! you might not care about running around naked like some cloned peasant, but the majority of the people i've spoke to would prefer to be able to actually show a little personality, and not look identical to everyone around you. in other games cosmetic upgrades are a million dollar industry, helping some game supplement payments or even replace monthly fees. (not that im suggesting they start to charge us for clothing, but it illustrates how much people value cosmetic changes in this kind of game.) granted a small number of people might not feel its too valuable, but these likely don't use many of the skills in the game already, and are overlooking the niche in the market that this kind of thing fills. if you spend all your day in a cave, and have never tried to weave a suit, then your not going to understand.
  9. whoever claimed that banning politics would require us to ban anything else in the future? but if we're getting rid of anything people find offensive, then we may as well ban everything that could offend anyone in any way. you still haven't actually articulated a good reason why we should even bother adding politics to any sort of list, other then the fact that some people don't like other people's opinions, and some people can troll the chat. again i wonder, why are you trying to outright ban a vast area of discussion, when your mute function can save you from any of those nasty opinions already? one person talking about thing you don't like = mute that person. two people, one hundred people = mute those people. the whole channel? then don't keep that channel open. real simple fix. no censorship required. we don't need another suggestion because the mute function works perfectly, and has worked since day 1. no point in digging for philosophical alternatives when the classic fix still works the best. if you don't bother to use the mute function, thats on you. you have no right to complain about things you don't like seeing when you have the option of not seeing it. we're not going to hold your hand and do all the work for you, nor should you expect the game to do it for you. and your confused about who doesn't like the opinions of others, when you started a whole forum topic calling for the censorship of a blanket term like politics to try and tame some trolls? sure, some people use it as an excuse to troll. well people use EVERY topic in the book as an excuse to troll. you still haven't given us a reason why politics in particular should be added to the rules, when it is not the problem. you seem to be assuming that every political conversation is automatically a troll, and meant to attack you and everyone else in the chat. im not seeing the connection yet? oh, and who says your idea of what is a "toxic" conversation meets anyone else's standards? seems pretty toxic to force the entire community to conform to your particular standards, when its already got its own. wanting to rush out and silence everyone cause you think they are trolling makes you the busybody interfering in other people's lives, making you the guilty party technically. one persons standards of civility may not match everyone else's. sounds more like you just want more speech police patrolling the chats, something that doesn't actually have anything to do whatsoever with people discussing politics in chat. so i have to keep wondering, why go after politics itself? but since you agree with me that the topic itself is not the issue, i wonder why you are going after it at all in the first place?
  10. this includes all sorts of new work clothing sets, or even better padded armor sets that work better then regular cloth, but still lighter then leather. everyone looks the same thesedays. we should be able to tell what you do at a glance, by the clothing you wear, and the accessories you have on. if you have blackened apron on, over a sleeveless cotton shirt, im going to assume your some kind of smith.
  11. so we need to act like the mute function does not work, and practice censorship, all because a few people dont like listen to the opinions of others? interesting.. in that case we better ban every topic that someone might find offensive.. woodscraps give me terrible flashbacks, and should no longer be a topic for debate.
  12. i noticed a distinct lack of music instruments in a game about creating items and learning to fool around with them (yoyos anyone?) how about some classical medieval instruments for us to play with? using the fine carpentry skill we can carve: Lute body, strung with tailoring or ropemaking skill. Flute. used single, or several combined with string or wemp fiber for panflute. Harp body, strung with tailoring or ropemaking. Drum body, with hide streched over it using leatherworking. finally, once created you can perform with each instrument, gaining music skill, and possibly even skill in each instrument type. higher skill allows for better playing. lower skill causes more bad music and screw ups. much like early puppetry or yoyo skill, you'll do more messing up then playing for awhile. to take it even further, we can have the number keys represent notes once you have an instrument ether equipped or highlighted. pushing a number will attempt to play that note on the instrument. low skill will cause off key or wrong notes. high skill will allow people to play songs in game. multiple players masters different instruments could put on concerts, or form entire medieval symphonies!
  13. as a woman who has put many hours into tailoring, i'm shocked by the complete and total lack of any woman's clothing, and by the choices of clothing at all.. no dresses or skirts? no vests or cloaks? no robes or anything like it? with everyone dressing the same, and the clothing choices being just dyed default shirts and pants, tailoring feels undervalued. it would be nice if we could dress up a little nicer, and to be able to tell the sexes apart a little better. Dress- Full gown, work dress, skirts. Pants- short slacks, workpants, shorts, anklets. Robes- Cloaks, hooded capes. Shirts- sleeveless undershirts, blouses, vests. sleeves- shortsleeves, bracelets/wristlets. hats- bandanas, hair ribbon, turban, hood without shoulders. all just cosmetic of course, and i know that flowing clothing can be difficult with this kind of game engine, but its worth a shot!