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  1. [21:52:47] The green leather covers will reveal the secrets of high magic for the one who dares open them. It has one charge left. looking to trade for a Black Tome of Magic preferably, but i will be willing to sell it as well. PM Azgodeth in game, or here in the forum to discuss details.
  2. I've found a bug that crashes my client every time i try it no matter what i try. when i use the eye to inspect an item that is enchanted, or has a rune on it it will display the usual text describing the item, and showing what the runes or enchantments do, but if i right click one of the lines of rune or enchantment description text, the client closes immediately every time. it gives me a crash report screen right afterwards. at first i was trying to copy text to show what the runes on my new chisel did, but that was not working. then i tried to copy the text on my shovel enchantment, and then on a trowel. each time i attempted to copy the text, the client closed the minute i right click.
  3. selling Holiday fragments and decorations. mostly xmas decor, but some haloween left as well.