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  1. Snatched up the FSB with stuff in it / 2 bulk container units.
  2. Fast, friendly service. Got some really good, better then expected enchants on a cpl of axe. Thanks much o/
  3. 5kg of violet 5kg of blue Sent to Staggers pls.
  4. Already ordered a few weapons from Achillis in the past, and again today. quick delivery, friendly person to deal with. AAA service all the way around.
  5. Purchased a fully equipped wagon earlier today w/4 draft bison. quick delivery, friendly fella.
  6. Looking for a mining crew to come in and mine out a few ore veins, location is i-21 at nevermore shores. Can either pay in coin , or split what's mined with you 50/50. Storeage will be available on site / larder to store your own food and water nearby. Veins are 99QL , estimating still about 8k left in each. Marble Slate Silver Also an iron vein 99 QL and copper 99ql vein I have no interest in you're more then welcome to mine out and take 100% of the resources but not interested in paying to mine em out.
  7. QL 75 BOTD 81 - 2s 32c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 85 - 1s 90c (steel) Staggers
  8. Order came in as listed, fast, friendly service, would definitely reccomend, Thank you!
  9. Fast reliable service, definitely will use for future orders.
  10. Looking to buy 50 + QL tools, with or without enchants Same for armour Weapons. Multiple accounts looking for said items, realistic prices only, no rare/supreme.