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  1. cod to Tianxia Rare Butcher Knife 91ql - 102 BoTD / 10% Gather Rune / 30s
  2. 4k Sugar beets 1k Tomatoes 5k Potatoes 1.4k canine meat 1.5k feline meat 1k Garlic 16.5s for veggies and 1.74s for meat with a total of 18.24s Can you deliver them to harmony at M11 (https://harmony.yaga.host/#951,2283)
  3. sent sickle for venom enchantment. if 100+ venom is possible, we can do 90+ Thank you in advance
  4. Great service, had two bow imps with 100+ power for nimble and coc
  5. hi looking to order low ql skilling for the following: 90+coc water clay clay shaper spatula carving knife cooking knife chisel cod: tianxia
  6. QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w87 (6.4s)QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w86 (6.2s)QL 71 Horse shoe, Iron w81 (5.2s)QL 72 Horse shoe, Iron w73 (3.6s) QL 70 Saddle w61 (4.1s) COD tianxia
  7. QL 71 hatchet, iron w58 c38 (3s)QL 1 Hatchet Head, iron c88 (8.5s) QL 71 Mallet, oak c87 (9s)QL 60 File, iron w76 c31 (5.6s) cod tianxia
  8. looking for 90+ stonestrike, please COD tianxia