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  1. Thank you for my Dredge, speedy service and highly recommended
  2. Besides the part right next to my deed I did not build this highway, just mapping out roads near my deed, can this be added as a highway please? [[874, 2166], [874, 2220], [840, 2246], [840, 2798]],
  3. Maybe its different on other servers but from my experience on Cadence I think the speed at which Trade Chat moved was fine. While the new changes regarding price checking does clean up the chat log a little, it does open the door to wrong (intentional or not) qoutes being given. I've already PCd items in trade since these changes came in and seen hugely, even half other quotes prices come back privately (some of which were wanted topurchase at the lower price) I also found it interesting just watching other people run price checks, if I wanted to know the cost of something I might not need to ask because someone else already had an hour ago.
  4. I'm a new player to this game having started when Cadence launched. When I started with very little idea of how the game works, the map feels massive without world shrinking items like Boats, Wagons etc, everything seems to take ages to do, and when you running past deed after deed trying to find a spot to setup I found it to be quite offputting. Now I've got a bit more experience, I have Boats and Wagons, and everything still seems to take ages to do. I do enjoy the exploring element, but I'm very much aware of the fact I'd have probably not bothered to even setup if it wasn't for the fact I was with a group of people who wanted to keep going. I don't think adding a vague heatmap removes too much from the exploration, but it would make the game a lot more friendly towards new players. I'd say not having the heatmap is gearing more towards established players who can travel the map easy, and having the heatmap more suits new players who cannot travel the map so easy (presumably these are the ones more likely to be looking for a deed spot) Edit: Couldn't the heatmap be on a toggle? So people who want to use it can activate it, and people who would rather explore themselves can leave it toggled off? I also agree about the map dumps coming out more often, the community maps are brilliant but only as accurate as the infomation supplied, I know a huge amount of the road network on Cadence for example has not been submitted to the map, so people simply wont know its there looking at the map.
  5. Hi, Please could the following be added as an update to an existing Highway, this should connect the road that currently ends south of the Crimson Bay Canal L10, to the road that ends at Tavernia L11, the attached should also create a T junction south of Tavernia which continues ever so slightly east. I've tried my best to get this right but I'm not confident with these coordinates, so if this doesn't work please let me know. [[594, 2144], [594, 2166], [917, 2166]]
  6. I'm submitting a couple of highways which we've been working on, one is still a Work in Progress but I will submit the parts that are connected to the highway network. Completed Highway: The Dragon's Spine [[874, 2166], [874, 2082], [898, 2052], [898, 1976], [925, 1945], [1028, 1945], [1121, 1864], [1277, 1864], [1344, 1800], [1399, 1800], [1467, 1744], [1467, 1692], [1510, 1665]] (this should line up with Nekojin's road at the eastern end and the work in progress road below at the south western end. WIP Road: [[594, 2058], [594, 2166], [917, 2166], [917, 2294]] This one has no name yet and is still under construction for the most part, however it does run quite central and has the potential to go all the way to the west coast and then to the lake around L16 if construction continues that far, perhaps some kind of name focused on being a central East/West road would be suitable. "Great Central Highway" or something.
  7. Thanks it was real fun, finally found the tent and managed to get out the area.
  8. Thank you for putting this on, had a lovely time
  9. Nothing to apologise for on the times, its not ideal for Europe being around 3 in the morning but with people all over the world playing your never going to make it work for everyone.
  10. Progress West of Tavernia has now reached the Crimson Bay Canal crossing, Aerthok is updating the map on the front page to reflect this. Further to Nekojins comment on the numbers here, I would estimate the total length of the road to be around 1,700 catseyes, we also have a number of settlements on the waystones with others on route who have expressed interest in joining, exciting to see a proper road network coming together! In terms of getting good coverage across the map we are still interested in working with deeds from the south west part of the map so if anyone is planning on building any roads up from that direction would be good to hear from you to see if we can connect it all up.
  11. Just as another note on the planned section towards the Crimson Bay Canal, been considering the idea of a crossroads style junction going in where the right angle currently sits on Aerthoks map, would allow the central East/West route to go all the way to the coast potentially. It might also be nice eventually to have a route heading south so if anyone in either of these areas is interested in getting involved please do let us know.