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  1. Yes! Especially on NFI where its not possible to have the PvP skins that the SFI server appear to use. Would love some new varieties to personalize a villiage or even just the ability to build some of the PvP style wagons and guard towers on NFI
  2. Thanks for the event, looked like a huge turnout too at least 340 people in local chat
  3. I've really enjoyed the Streams so far and its fascinating seeing the hard work thats gone on around the server since its launch. Parts of Cadence are starting to look really impressive and theres still a huge amount of potential keeping in mind it is still a new server.
  4. This also happens with Horses sometimes, a relog seems to fix it in my experience.
  5. Rumour has it you can plot a course to Melody and follow it all the way of the edge of the map. On the subject of Highways I can see a few places where they are not quite matching up on the new map but think the cause of this varies. On the ones I've submitted previously I can see the plotting may be inaccurate in places, but in other places it does look correct but the map doesn't reflect changes to landmass. I presume when an up to date map dump comes out almost all of the highway mapping will need adjusting anyway so might be worth just waiting for that, I think the current ones are close enough. Also please could the following Canals be added. Canal (Surface) 916, 2282 - 942, 2282 Canal (Tunnel) 912, 2069 - 912, 1950 Edit: Should have probably mentioned one of the Canals was a tunnel and the other on the surface.
  6. Going to pass this on to a Vyn priest who still needs the entry, but unfortunately its around 2 or 3am for people living in Europe
  7. I'd love to see an RP community in Wurm I think the potential for it is huge because of the blank canvas to start with and the customization with building not only our own storylines but our own world to play them out in. The reason I accepted in my mind as to why it wasn't already a thing was that people are just too busy. Crafting, Improving, Building and skilling up can take up so much time, I guess something like this steals time away from everything else. That being said if there is potential for a community interested in RP I'd love to see it thrive, has to potential to create good social opportunities and also gives a reason for exploring the map and leaving the deed. I agree with the point that some kind of RP flag you could toggle on would be super useful if such a community was to exist in Wurm, but if thats not possible maybe some kind of community map based solely around Roleplay could work? To be clear this is not intended as a replacement or competition for existing community maps, its simply a place where Deeds and players interested in RP could add themselves to the map so others can see where they are.
  8. Very happy with how the Horses look now they have their fancy new dyed equipment.
  9. I've found them to always be helpful, reliable and fast when it comes to ordering BOTD tools, thank you.
  10. It might not be for everyone but a compramise that I think is visually appealing is to just manage an area that has bushes and trees competing for space. Raspberry and Blueberry bushes for example do not take up a great deal of tile space and if you was to give them a helping hand by removing Trees that pop up in their area, they give a much more open feel than a big forest would.
  11. Ordered from Arno twice now and impressed with the fast delivery, and the great help in figuring out the correct amount of dye needed. Thank you.
  12. Even the biggest development teams are pushing back release dates, I guess its just a sign of the times and the challenging world we live in, especially at the moment. I appreciate the update and the honesty in the currenty situation. I must say as a reletively new player I simply do not know how the game has been managed/updated in the past so can't really take an opinion on it. That being said it is a little sad seeing less and less people in the world and more and more deeds disbanding. I put that down to summer and lockdowns releasing in certain parts of the world, but it would be nice to have just a few more updates on whats on the roadmap and current state of development just to keep people interested. Besides that all I'd like to say is thank you, I sunk a lot of lockdown hours into the game over the last year, and really hope the game can continue to draw in players for a long time as I really enjoy exploring the world, seeing peoples creations, and seeing new ideas completed on my own deed as it expands and grows.
  13. Thank you for my Dredge, speedy service and highly recommended
  14. Besides the part right next to my deed I did not build this highway, just mapping out roads near my deed, can this be added as a highway please? [[874, 2166], [874, 2220], [840, 2246], [840, 2798]],
  15. Maybe its different on other servers but from my experience on Cadence I think the speed at which Trade Chat moved was fine. While the new changes regarding price checking does clean up the chat log a little, it does open the door to wrong (intentional or not) qoutes being given. I've already PCd items in trade since these changes came in and seen hugely, even half other quotes prices come back privately (some of which were wanted topurchase at the lower price) I also found it interesting just watching other people run price checks, if I wanted to know the cost of something I might not need to ask because someone else already had an hour ago.