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  1. Hi, I appear to have an issue with my benches floating above the floor of my building. The building has a proper internal wooden floor and other items (such as the table in my picture) are touching the ground, the bench however is floating. The marble walls in this picture make the floating benches especially obvious but I have tried with placing/pushing, and away from the Marble Fences it still ends up floating.
  2. I was getting so confused reading the first page of this until I realized its from 14 years ago. That said I agree having chat commands to set this might be nice.
  3. In all honesty no matter what changes they make its obviously going to cause significant upset to someone. I think the current system leaves an awful lot to be desired and absolutely could be changed to encourage more community interaction, but at the same time I'm not sure the payoff is worth the amount of drama it might well generate. The current system is not perfect but at least we know what we get from it, some forum threads every few months and the occassional public slaying mixed in with the private ones. Personally I couldn't care less about scale armor or the thrill of slaying but I do like the idea of more events that bring people together and feel the game is sometimes lacking these. That being said the answer to this does not have to be uniques. There could be new types of armor, weapons and other beneficial things introduced to other new events that are more community friendly.
  4. Adding a trash bin would be great, we do already have ways to dispose of unwanted items but more options that are convineant in more places would be welcome.
  5. I agree a code would be nice. There is also the possibility someone brought a bundle on an alt they no longer use. The Premium bonus would be useless to them on that character, but possibly beneficial on their main character.
  6. Had some very thick fog roll in the other day, as long as its a rare occurance I'm actually a huge fan of this, adds a bit of a twist to exploring and navigating the world. Glad I wasn't out sailing at the time though.
  7. Good to see this but there also appears to be a glow that appears on the ground around lamps that are switched off during the daytime, is this one on the list to be fixed in future? Poor screenshot tbh but can see it around the lamps on the bridge in the background, they are switched off but still have light around the base?
  8. This would be really cool if when you sell sets/groups of items you could offer a discounted price for buying the whole lot together.
  9. Agreed a wider camera angle would be nice. I also think a option should be added in the settings to allow the game to remember and auto-switch camera types when you embark/disembark vehicles. That way you could automatically go into First Person when embarking a Wagon and auto switch back to third person when disembarking.
  10. Even swapping the names around so you hover over Unlock then click the word Beehive or Large Magical Chest to confirm its that item you want to unlock would make sense imo.
  11. Presumably your on SFI and for that reason I can't say I've had any interaction with you in game but its still sad to see you are leaving over this. I appreciate the situation is fustrating but if you have an issue with individuals maybe choose to avoid those individuals instead. I mean no disrespect to anyone involved in the scenario here, I'm also putting forward no opinion on the scenario itself as I've never really bothered to understand Auctions all that well. All I'm saying is there appears to be plenty of people in the posts above who say they will miss you, Its just a shame to let go of so many years of work and positive interactions because of a few negative ones with people you may be able to avoid in the future, if you really do not want to talk to them anymore.
  12. wow, having only played on NFI I had no idea this was even a thing. Based on the description on the Wurmpedia I would like to see this available on NFI.
  13. Realistically if you do get chances to check in with the locals its probably for the best. Its polite and it gives you both the chance to talk through any objections or compramises now before it creates friction. Also since you will be working with/around them regularly it gives you an opportunity to scout them out and decide if they are people you want to play the game with, after talking to them you might decide you wont get along with them anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can't deed over a completed building unless you have permissions to it? If that is the case perhaps you could set yourself up to reserve the spot and deed later if it works out, but double check that actually works first.
  14. I agree there should be a point where your distance to a mob is so great that you automatically lose the target. As far as ranged goes I don't see it as an issue as the target drop off distance would clearly have to be greater than any ranged weapon anyway.
  15. +1 like the idea. From my experience in other games that have some form of cable car/vertical elevator it can be possible to use this to access peoples bases/deeds. Perhaps this will need consideration when building this in Wurm, although I would hope a simple "does the path go over anywhere you do not have permissions to" check will cover it.