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  1. I agree there should be a point where your distance to a mob is so great that you automatically lose the target. As far as ranged goes I don't see it as an issue as the target drop off distance would clearly have to be greater than any ranged weapon anyway.
  2. +1 like the idea. From my experience in other games that have some form of cable car/vertical elevator it can be possible to use this to access peoples bases/deeds. Perhaps this will need consideration when building this in Wurm, although I would hope a simple "does the path go over anywhere you do not have permissions to" check will cover it.
  3. Hi, So I am bashing and destroying bridges connecting two buildings together and have found that when the bridge gets destroyed it is also taking the Parapets higher up the wall on one side with it. I believe this to be a bug as all the walls remain and only the parapets on the top go. It also only happens on the side furthest from when I last bashed/destroyed the bridge. The side with the last part of the bridge to break still has its parapets. Edit: I have done some further experimenting with removing the final bridge from the opposite side first and this actually does not appear to be tied into which part is destroyed first/last, its removed the parapet from the very top once more but on the same side as it had done for the other two.
  4. Just been scrolling through the huge list of options for building walls on the crafting window and got me thinking of a quality of life addition. A toggle switch, the wording would need improving but something along the lines of "starting materials in inventory" The thinking here is that when the toggle is enabled it will filter the list of items down to only items for which you have the starter materials for in your inventory, saves having to scroll through everything else. Example of this would be having a slate brick and mortar in your inventory, at the moment you see Marble/Sandstone/Brick walls, with the toggle enabled you would only see Slate walls, if you then added a Marble brick to your inventory you would also see Marble walls to since you have the items to start crafting those.
  5. Would it be a good idea to add a popup infomation prompt when a player attempts to terraform on an active highway? It would just be an infomation alert to inform people how the highway rules work, the conditions on which highways should and should not be modified, and to try and prevent people (especially new players) accidently creating potholes on already leveled out roads.
  6. Hello, please could this highway be added to the community map? I've done it on seperate lines since theres a few switches between bridges/highways, if you want me to resubmit the whole thing as just a Highway I can do that. Highway [1187, 1878] [1179, 1887] [1175, 1887] Highway - Please can this be named The Dragon's Spine. 1175, 1887 - 945, 2115 Bridge 945, 2115 - 924, 2115 Highway 924, 2115 - 916, 2115 Bridge 916, 2115 - 899, 2115 Highway 899, 2115 - 883, 2115
  7. Tbh the local area is easy enough imo, you get a list down the side of your chat box and if someone is on that list they are in your local. Did you inform these players hanging around that you was attempting to kill the Dragon and did not want any outside interference?
  8. I just want a Fridge Magnet to add to my collection.
  9. The problem with not knowing at all is that people will find out eventually and will more than likely be a bit annoyed at losing out. I've mentioned this before in another thread but my deed all joined during Steam launch and actually had 2 Dragons close to us very early on. Looking back we undeniably had the claim on the 2nd one but being new players we had no idea what to do with it, we also assumed they were quite a common occurance since it wasn't the first one in the area. With that in mind it was kited away so it didn't keep killing us, presumably more experienced players then snapped it up. Teaching players how uniques work from the start would have most likely worked in our favor in the above situation but where do you draw the line? Wurm has a lot of complicated systems and short of writing up a hilariously small print instruction manual in 40 different languages (nobody ever reads instruction manuals anyway) Its not practical to try and wedge this infomation into the game somewhere. Edit: Just to be clear it hardly keeps me up at night, my point was just to demonstrate a very real scenario where new players can shoot themselves in the foot by lack of knowledge. Why not give uniques a different nameplate? Maybe one with a gold surround that clearly shows they are a special mob. It could encourage new players to question what they have found, and maybe go to the Wurmpedia page which could be expanded to include more infomation on how uniques work. I think this sums up the whole situation perfectly tbh, and its why I try to attend big slayings for a bit of community fun, but generally have very little interest in the rewards or systems that make these work. Its just too complicated and carries too much drama I'd rather just brush my Horses. I think the reality is at this stage if anything is done about it then its going to cause drama, and if nothing is done about it then I look forward to the next batch of these threads in a few months time, can't win either way.
  10. I don't think announcing them is the answer but I do agree that they could use a rework to make the whole system more inclusive. Tbh I appreciate and try to attend public slayings just to be part of a big community event, but as far as getting armor or whatever it is the mats give you, I genuinely never even bothered to look into it as the whole feature is firmly etched into the unobtainable category for me. I think what would be quite cool, especially now treasure hunts are in is if the timers were randomized more and you could obtain clues when a rare is up "you see scorch marks it could only be from a Dragon" or something. Fun Fact: I started on Cadence after Steam launch and 2 of the servers first Dragons actually spawned near my deed. Not knowing how special these spawns were I actually kited a Red Dragon a few tiles away to get rid of it, nothing (that I've had chance to see) has spawned since so I guess my luck was used up when I had no idea what to do with it.
  11. I think it would definately need restrictions to prevent abuse. Has to be on-deed and maybe when building a structure there is a specific option to salvage which is only default ticked for the builder, and has a confirmation box before it can be enabled for other people to salvage. Items like Guard Towers would not have such permissions but I suppose they are beneficial to other players going forward so its not a bad thing they get left behind.
  12. Excited to hear more on Cartography. I wonder if it will be possible with the map making that a player could potentially make a new map every year or so and line them up to show a history of how the area has changed. Will it be possible to frame them or pin them to walls? Happy Birthday to NFI and also Thank You for including our deed in the images. One of the highlights of playing on NFI has been travelling and experiancing so many deeds progressing and building up, really keen to see some of the big projects across NFI come to life over the next few years.
  13. I really think Wurm should have a system to salvage/deconstruct items to get a reduced number of materials back, for example you could disassemble a wall on a house and have 20 rolls at getting a brick and mortar back. For a low skill player this might be a 30% chance per roll and a max skill player around 70% chance per role. There could also be a bench for disassembling smaller items to get a percentage of the materials back with similar chances meaning its never possible to claim 100% back, but you can reclaim a certain amount of materials. My rationale here is that creating items or structures in Wurm can be extrodinarily time consuming and with many of those (unless you can sell them) your locked in to either keep it or lose that time invested. Having the ability to reclaim a certain amount of materials allbeit with a penality on the original amount required opens up a lot more freedom for people to reuse and recycle existing time invested in the game. I would also be curious to know if this may improve player retention as people will not feel so locked into their existing deeds. I imagine the loss of all your existing buildings/structures could be quite demotivating but at least if you an take a percentage of the materials with you to a new spot it would not be so bad.
  14. Ohh was actually thinking there hasn't been a slaying on Cadence for a while. Thank you for making this public will try to attend.
  15. Please could you remove the Canal between 912, 1961 - 912, 2062 from the Community Map, this is currently blocked and while out of service it makes sense to fix up some other issues with it.