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  1. I don't agree with everything he says, but dude has some good points. This is a good video to see the new player experience.
  2. Anything I can grab. Hoarders: Wurm Edition.
  3. Could be cool to use while exploring some of the larger deeds.
  4. VR would be pretty neat while exploring some of the bigger deeds. I'd totally give it a try, but probably wouldn't spend most of my time in it. Thanks for the update.
  5. Yeah, the subscription model needs to go. I'm okay with subbing(have been for years) but unless you are WOW or FFXIV, it doesn't seem to work anymore with newer players. Devs still need to make a profit though, so who knows. My idea of a treasure hunt would be maybe randomly get a map while digging, mining, or foraging, then find the location. More of a solo thing and would get my butt away from my forge. As far as removing servers, that's just me brainstorming for the end of the line, nuclear option. We could pack all the current population in a few maps and still have more than enough room. Like I said, maps right now are a ghost town in most locations. Devs working on PVP for a few people is a waste of resources in my opinion, but maybe those few purchase a lot of silver. Anyway, I just want wurm to stick around.
  6. We already have to many servers. They need to find a way to allow more people on the servers without the servers crapping the bed. More content and being a bit more newbie friendly wouldn't hurt either. Also(if more players can't be retained), though it would be wildly unpopular to some and sad, remove half the servers(totally scrap PVP). Bring more people to a few maps so you actually see someone every once in awhile. Add some official events like monster attacks, treasure hunts, fishing tournaments. Make the seasons mean something other than being able to harvest a cherry or a grape. This is all me talking out of my ass, but I would hate to see this game die. There really isn't any other game like it. After years of playing, I still enjoy sitting at my forge and peacefully tinkering away.