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  1. A similar idea was discussed 1-2 years ago and I wouldnt have minded it being implemented then but after having been lucky enough to experience a private slaying I would be sad if this was implemented. Dragons are possibly the only challenging pve content. When a friend was lucky enough to stumble on one, with much hubris we thought we could kill it immediately, we gathered everything we were worth at that moment in time and gave it a shot. I spent the next week imping weapons to no fatigue, everyone fought around the clock to get every bit more of fs and we returned to redeem ourselves and it was very sweet. We all had shaky hands during the fight, during the penning as well. It was an amazing experience and I agree this content should be more accessible to all. However to make it like a rift or every slaying a public one would nuke the experience. Theres more challenge in fighting a crab on an adventurers first day than a public slaying. Dont get me wrong public slayings have there place and I would love to host some if I were lucky enough in the future but the way it currently is can lend to some very special experiences as well. One of us currently is currently fighting health issues and experiencing a private slaying was one of their wishes, I like to think we brought some fulfillment to him, he was so stoked when we won, if he was well enough I wish we could do it one more time. For sure I think they should not be able to be monopolized. Randomizing the location more would help I think, right now we get sent all over for treasure hunting, it hasnt helped me find a unique though :D. I am not sure if I am even for this idea I am about to suggest but perhaps dropping fragments that may require 1000+ pieces from treasure hunt chests that lead to a dragon treasure hoard could be interesting. An amount a whole group would have to put effort in to find. At the end you would get a hidden dragon to pop, hopefully ab epic fight and all the usual loot in the chest perhaps, obviously made divisible to the groups liking. Private slayings are an event unlike any other on Wurm, to change that to feel like "cheap" content, would be a loss I think. For new players with the ambition to slay a dragon thats the pinnacle, one of the best experiences to be had in game imo. Making them available like rifts though, just makes them like rifts. The whole private slaying experience gets lost and we have two rifts.
  2. Seemed like a good idea on paper. Visited the site but did not get around to registering, at least it seemed lively with lots of people(accounts) caring :D. Just the attempt to listen to the players was very much appreciated. Nothing is perfect but perhaps something in-game that required you to be premium for a certain amount of time, possibly consecutively to try to limit alt accounts would be a decent alternative. If nothing else it would give the devs a general view about a topic and let them decide from there.
  3. On the contrary, if you come late you wont have much of a chance at getting phenomenal, or 60 points, the minimum for getting a guaranteed "decent mm lump". Post patch rifts seem to be about an hour now. Personally havent seen anyone abusing coming to the rift just to harvest rift nodes. I may just not care enough to notice but the way I see it is if someone bothered to travel all the way for a few measly rift pieces more power to them. Perhaps they need a few specific pieces for a specific rune and arent interested in the rift. People who participate in the rift are already awarded automatically some rift mats at the end anyway. I tag. I also kill mobs too. I wouldnt have gotten 1st on the recent Melody and Harmony rifts if I didnt tag(As Hayu). Cycling through mobs to tag them is a broken game mechanic, it could use changing eventually. Right now the bigger fish is that points per rift have been nerfed as a result of the shortened rifts. Many it seems, would like to see any sort of change that makes up the missing points. It seems to be, understandably, an unintentional nerf with the shortened rift times. Or if it was intentional, it should be addressed. Along with where higher ql moonmetals will come from going forward. I realize not many care about moonmetals but for those who do, it is a concern. Mainly though, the ceiling for participation points in a rift for everybody, no matter what your skills/playstyle have been taken down a very significant notch.
  4. Whenever I wanted to spend an hour on rifts before I would just arrive late. Which was... almost half of them, so I dont exactly hate shorter rifts. Still Im not a fan of having your choice taken away. Now you have to be punctual as going to half a rift now will just butcher your rewards. Plus the window is that much smaller. Being 30 minutes late was no problem before, now if you are 30 minutes late, you only have ~30 minutes to rift so even reaching phenomenal gets sketchy. I wouldnt bother trying to attend now unless I knew I could arrive for the full duration. IE You may actually see a lot less participation. Rift times have been halved, rewards have been halved, but travel time remains the same. Arguably they have gotten less accessible.
  5. So went to the first rift after patch on Melody, achieved first with 171 participation points, got a .28kg/90.57ql serryl lump, a bit underwhelming. Also third with 131 points got a .26kg/88.15ql serryl lump. Will say I have seen over 300 rift rewards almost always near the top. Now I don't care too much about MM over 90 ql in the past, but it is a goal to someday forge 95+ ql MM weapons, and that will take a lot of MM. (Serryl lumps are capped at .30 kg fyi, I assume because marks rewards come with 1kg, I always thought this deserved some sort of balancing.) The point here is that even with a healing priest grabbing 1st spot, I did not even come close to the required participation points to get the threshold required for uber ql lumps(Threshold seems to be between 200-300). Now I still believe it's possible for a healing priest to get that amount of points on a very busy rift, but to completely gate uber ql mm into just fo priests or to hyper taggers seems like quite the unintended nerf. (Also on the point of tagging it seems to be an unintended playstyle yet to be addressed. Nothing against them but it seems wrong that I get 2x the points if I run around tagging mobs without even taking a single swing vs choosing to stand toe to toe with the mobs and deal ~25% of the total rift damage. One style contributes absolutely nothing but gets 2x the participation points )
  6. Not against the change, but definitely see an unintended consequence of 95+ ql moonmetals becoming impossible except for fo priests, 90+ ql may near be impossible except for the top 5 or so. Perhaps increasing points by 40% or adding an additional pool of points to 40% to damage dealt/healing done would be nice.
  7. Grats Iohn! Will contact you for your options/customizations Please close thread
  8. Ehh, it may be ok for beating up dragons, but it can also pass as a pretty nice night light!
  9. Up for auction: A Shiny Rare 90QL Glimmersteel Staff with 95Nim 96CoC 105MS 10kBloodthirst Enchants, 100 Shatter Protection, and a Steel Rune of Vynora. Glimmersteel Staves are the highest DPS weapons in the game. Can slap a unique with 50+ staff skill and 25str verified, most likely can do with less. Comes with a pair of 90 ql Glimmersteel rings, your choice of 90+ vyn/lib enchantment. Your choice of Demise if desired(Recommend a frost/acid imbue with glacial/corrosive on the rings for max dps. Imbue not provided). Starting bid/Reserve: 100s/1g Increment (minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: not accepted
  10. Oof, doubt anyone who has a main only on NFI wants this. Wouldn't mind portal travel but separate skills and economy.