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  1. +1, very much appreciate the event Bleu.
  2. Right back at ya buddy, you would be the one asking for a change here though. I Did not like the way they handled the Jackle server, they pretty much shutdown what might be considered some endgame pve content and another server by making it not viable. Less than 20% skillgain?? And everything you make goes poof in the end. How's that for balance, just make it equal, that way you can play what you enjoy... and why is it every game tries to make it so we have to pvp like it is some sort of chore that is necessary for our personal growth or something, lmao. There's no reason to try to siphon players from one mode to another. It's not like pve is gaining in players either. A straight skill buff to pvp is unbalanced. That is creating people who will be severely underpowered who will go to pvp to be vyn pok to just grind while trying to avoid pvp as best they can on a pvp server. Pvp IS the incentive for playing on pvp, if you need all these sleep bonus perks and skillbuffs to play on it, that game mode is borked. If the issue is vyn pok not being viable yet needing it to grind, address that issue, I even offered ideas. A straight skillbuff, and I imagine you will be coming to the forums to complain about how you have to be vyn pok to grind the most efficiently on a pvp server, then your pvp experience becomes completely borked? At least now you can grind on pve when you want and go to pvp when you want. Appendix edit: Some of you like to think that everyone would like pvp, they just need more incentive to try it or make it worth playing, but if you make it so pvp is the only place worth playing you end up with a ruleset like epic, is that really something you want...
  3. Fair enough, don't mind a way to get vynora follower bonuses even if you follow a different god, likewise pok bonuses even if you are a different path, adding some one time coc scrolls to chests or something like that is not op either. There's nothing wrong with equal footing, economy is just that, maybe you need your own pvp currency , although seems like there are quite a few ways to get sleep bonus vs pve, I remember the valrei missions were surprisingly easy to get extra SB. Seems like they are coming up with many different ways all the time... Edit: Could just add something like tying your skill bonuses to your pve god and path choice. As someone who has no intention of playing pvp though, I will let you know, putting more incentives into pvp doesn't make me feel like playing pvp, it makes me feel that playing on pve is not worth my time, and therefore I stop playing and subscribing to Wurm altogether.
  4. So aside from vyn which has been mitigated with other religion skillbonuses and pok bonus that is not even possible yet, these are all just individual player issues. If you're afraid to use your good coc set because you might lose it, that's on you, not the devs is it... Honestly if losing your stuff is the issue, yet you still want to play on pvp, then perhaps a no drop pvp server is what you guys should be advocating for? Sounds like the existence of being tied to a pve server at all is a real dilemma, ofc everyone will want to go priest on pvp and follower on pve if all things equal. Since no one wants to gimp themselves in pvp by not having spells. But a skillbonus on pvp is not the solution. That creates a problem where will people who want to do the skillgain meta will go to pvp to grind skill but not engage in pvp for various reasons. For one they'd be inadequate without priest powers and plus many of them don't even want to pvp in the first place. Just want to make it clear I am not trying to fix pvp server problems, just saying skillbonus on pvp server is not the solution. I really think the game mode lends itself to not being so popular. If you really like the game mode, a small disadvantage like not having the best coc gear shouldn't be a problem. If they opened Jackal again but with a form of normalized skillgain, I would play it in a heartbeat despite the lack of coc tools for the majority of the season. I enjoyed the pve challenge (especially the first week, where it felt like you would be attacked everytime you stepped away from the start spot.) and exploration. Regular skillgain and some skins would have been perfect there... If the game mode is fun, no one is going to split hairs over a small difference in skillgain IMO. In the end, seems like pvp is just a battle arena you go for a little while out of the day I think... seems fine to me.
  5. Yea, I'm not sure what the issue is with people saying skilling on Defiance is such a huge disadvantage. Maybe talking about the lack of coc tools and economy? Well then sounds like there is potentially a market there and some vyn priests need to be grinded over there. If talking about the fact it's pvp, I think that is kind of the point? If someone is too afraid to have a deed or structure over there, because of the risk of it being looted, so they have to play on a safe zone on the pve servers, I'm sorry, that's not an issue of a lack of xp bonus, sounds like those people are just afraid of pvp! For me, PvP servers have always been a place where you can grind if you want, skill tick is the same, but if someone tries to grief you, you can actually retaliate. A lot more freedom basically, not because I think it should be a better place to grind(Apparently, some do!).
  6. I see, not sure about all the issues with pvp but I could see something like going path of knowledge is gimping your character way too hard, in that case something like eliminating PoK on pvp and giving 25% bonus if you have 70+ meditation skill would be understandable, I could support those asking for that. Equality is good, recognition is good, but to make it feel like you should be playing on another server when you have no interest in that server is something I hope the devs will (continuously) be careful about. The option to play pvp is there, that is the incentive to go to that server. XP bonus should not be part of it. Ofc pvp will be more dangerous, that is a positive for thrill seekers like my younger self, but its not something that should be inherently rewarded. Thats the beauty of Wurm's sandbox nature. Player retention in pvp is something I always see brought up by a vocal few when browsing patch notes, no one wants to shoot down their ideas, but something like making pvp thee place to grind is a bad idea. If it were to happen you become bleeding into a place where the predominant place to have to play is on a server with epic rules, probably not good.
  7. I don't see this opinion expressed too much so I will say: Please don't add too many incentives to play on pvp. Wurm pvp is not everyones cup of tea. If you make it the meta for pve players to have to play on pvp you undermine the effort of those who are here solely for pve. Instead of going to pvp, I for one would more likely just lose interest in wurm and play a lot less altogether. Just take a look at what happened on Jackal. Personally, I had a blast on Jackal, but the skillgain that transferred over there was something less than 10%? It was practically a punishment incentive-wise to play over there, once the skill transfer was known to be abysmal, I went from playing 6-10+ hours a day, to never playing Jackal again. When I went back to freedom, did I start playing there again? No, I played about 5 minutes on SFI in the last year, just to check the jackal skins. Incentivizing is not a zero-sum game, you don't get people to play a different game-type by making one game-type more rewarding than the other, in-fact, you may get the opposite, players just quitting. If you want a game-type to be popular, you need to make it fun, maybe change some things about it to reach a bigger audience, making it so the only way to make meaningful progress is to play a game-type you don't like? Well that's a recipe to get some people to quit. Having different game types is great, but skill-gain should be equal across all servers that share a character's skillset, imo a few perks like skins is more than enough. Let the player choose what they think is most entertaining to them. A little sleep bonus at first to get players to try it out, fine. I started out on epic, I played it 2 years, I learned that my favorite aspects of wurm, were the pve parts, not the pvp parts. There's very little point in trying to force a player like me to play on the pvp server, there's a reason epic cluster has like 2 players on it, it's not that the ~2x xp bonus wasn't enough...
  8. Trying to connect to Harmony, same problem...
  9. Dingdingding! We have a winner! Appreciate all the interest! [20:57:01] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than an hour. Thanks!
  10. I have a nice tool that has been collecting dust for a few days which is a real shame so it's got to go! [15:47:05] A rope making tool, a small handheld spinning wheel with three large nails. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Make the best rope you can! 2QL higher than your wemp. SB : 30S Increments: 1S Sniper : 1Hour no reserve, no buyout, no private bids
  11. Congrats Kazthegreat, winner at nearly half the going price! How would you like to do this transfer?
  12. Bump, 4 hours left, get it cheap!
  13. Starting bid: 15s Increments: 1s Sniper Protection : 10Minutes Buyout: 25s Can finish and imp to 50QL Pickup from N9 Harmony, delivery fee on Harmony: 1S