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  1. If it happens, RIP all our NFI characters and items... well I guess I could combine them to solo a dragon
  2. +1, if I were lucky enough to have ebonys, they would be the only horses I would use/breed. Just because of price/practicality. New update will probably make current 5sp ebonys no longer the meta so such a change would make most sense now.
  3. The difference between concentrating on tagging or just fighting and not caring about tagging can be quite large. I've only really concentrated on tagging once because I wanted points for pads early on, was able to get 600ish pts and top two spots with my priest alt. Rifting without much regard for tagging, I usually sit around 10-20 rank with a few hundred points less. Sometimes it's enough for top 5 still, but for sure, it does make a difference if you concentrate on tagging to the tune of ~200 pts. Also tagging only matters if there are at least two groups fighting and effectively killing mobs. If its just one mob being killed at a time, there's not much benefit to be had tagging.
  4. +1, current system just seems like lazy coding. With how strong the rift mobs are, did they really intend for an unarmed noob with starter leather who gets a swing off to get the same points as someone who dealt 100% of the damage to a mob? Those doing the work should be rewarded more, if I were starting today, it would worry me more if the current system was their actual intended philosophy. Working towards something is a big part of this game IMO. Granted, actual abuse of this system is probably minimal, personally I'm not bothered by those who do it. If they want to keep the rewards system as is, so as to not disenfranchise "new players", fine, but at the least, make a more meaningful leaderboard with damage dealt, healed, taken, etc, maybe separated by waves. Other games have this. Could you imagine a popular game like DoTA or WoW where at the end of a pvp match, the statistics board only showed who hit the most people one time? Bottomline, when you go to a rift, you should be spending time to help complete the rift. In whatever way you can/want healing, fighting, supporting, etc, because that's what's fun. Going to a rift and having to worry about running around and how many mobs you can tag is silly.
  5. Closed

    Yes, same name, thank you!
  6. Thanks for the sales! If anyone is still interested, feel free to PM, maybe we can get a price you would be happy with. Can close.