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  1. Appreciate the bids all. Gz to Montanitorro!
  2. Rapid fire planks, SB mats, and even doubles as a great Woodcutting tool! Free non moonmetal rune of your choice to be attached prior to mailing to the winner. SB/Reserve: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes
  3. Thanks to all participants! Gratz to CthrekGoru on your new shiny axe and bling :). Thread can be closed.
  4. Good day all. Thank you so much for the interest in this auction. A reminder that we will be entering one hour sniper protection.
  5. Thank you so much for the bids! Must point out that demise doesn't stack with frost imbue. In lieu I can provide a free set of leather or plate mail 70+ if desired. Also able to offer a one time offer of human skull pads for 15s to the winner. That should make for the most damaging set up in game sans more QL!
  6. Not quite schooled on BT damage myself so I decided to take the axe out along with an unenchanted 90 QL silver axe to try to illustrate the difference. Nothing too fancy, just some hits and screenshots for a general idea. Here you can see the regular axe damage by the "cut" damage type vs the cold and infection wound types from the BT Frost Axe. 24 for regular axe vs 34 & 32 for BT Frost on an old troll. Wiki says it should be about a 40% so lets just say it's right. Some more shots of wounds caused by the BT Frost Axe:
  7. This is an auction for 5 fully enchanted and runed 90+ QL items. First up the axe: Forged in the blood of a thousand rift beasts and one dragon hatchling, this axe deals frost damage into a singular wound per hit. It also keeps it's chance (10%) to deal infection wounds. To sum it up without the picture, This is a 91 QL Rare Huge Silver Axe with: 10000 BT 101 NIM 91 COC 96 MS Frost Imbue Steel Rune of Vynora to reduce damage taken (10%) 40 Shatter Protection Accompanying Glacial Jewelry Set with spare FP Necklace to get the most out of your Axe: Features two 103 GLA cast rings, as well as a swappable Necklace slot between Fire Protection and Glacial for when you want protection against heat. All pieces 90 QL, with 92 GLA and 99 FP casts on the necklaces. All pieces come equipped with a decent glow rune to help you see in the dark. Can confirm this setup can one shot hell horses (RIP Mountainwalking). Capable of two shotting most non unique or rift mobs, at worst 4 shots. Starting/Reserve bid: 20 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour