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  1. Nice! Yes, could you pm Aldurair in-game to set up a meeting? I'll be on the next couple of hours. (Also around this time tomorrow.)
  2. Thanks for the interest all, unfortunately hour did pass so Snurps is the winner, appreciate the bids of all again. Gz to Snurps and his frosty staff and gold rings! Thread can be closed, happy holidays all!
  3. Thanks for the bids all, we are in 1 hour sniper protection.
  4. Great DPS staff, perfect for uniques, can even irritate the red dragon with 70+ str. Starting bid: 30s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Jewelry sold seperately, if desired can do 10s for 90ql 90gla pair of rings, other options also available.