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  1. I just built a very rare after 3 inspirations, so how much less common is he very rare than a rare? This is the 2nd guard tower that I built.
  2. I was KOSed from a neighboring town, and my own town for kiting hostile creatures out of their mine that had no door, and lost everything (rare items, tent, et al), and was wondering if anyone can help me recover my items before finding a new town to be a member of. I thought it was harsh that I would be booted from my own without warning when all I was trying to do was investigate what was in the mine safely. I sarcastically told someone that I was trying to kill them, when I was just trying to see inside the mine that looked abandoned with about 10 scorpions inside. I like being in PVE worlds as people don't want to kill me too often.
  3. another thing that would be nice is "strip mine" which would allow you to get to bare rock
  4. Like in real life if someone builds a large pool they should be able to breed schools of fish for consumption later on based upon species.