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  1. Going back to Bison, I don't think Bison should even be able to get Speed traits. They cannot be ridden and it has no effect on pulling carts and wagons, right? I also could just be salty because I just got the rare speed trait on a Bison and feel sad LOL....
  2. Oops I forgot one! Could I also get Trowel - QL 70 BOTD 76 - 1s 37c (iron), sent to Terri Thank you so much!
  3. Hello! Can you please send the following to Terri Hammer - QL 70 BOTD 81 - 2s 3c (iron) Stone Chisel QL 70 BOTD 70 - 1s 26c (iron) Thank you!
  4. Hello! I would like to purchase the Rare Crows Wagon - I am located on Release as well and can come pick up. PM me on Lilybell in-game or on the forums if i'm offline, please! Thank you!!
  5. Eek, that's about where I was with the old bison. I got this poor soul today LOL
  6. +1 I would say you can maybe even repurpose the Large Saddle currently in the game to work on draft dominant animals (draft horses/hell horses, bison, mules)? I'm not sure what would be the more time consuming part of adding gear boosts (creating the asset or the coding) but I'm praying for anything to help speed up wagons/carts
  7. +100000 to the whole post! If they don't want to take time to design new banners I think it would be easier to add the old banners to Archaeology as all of those assets are already in the game! As I build out my deed and explore others deed in NFI - I can't help but miss the variety in SFI. Everything feels boring to look at currently. You see the same wagons, same kingdom banners, same guard towers everywhere you look. I am begging for more decoration items in Wurm and I think at least adding that stuff to Archaeology would be so fun! 🙏🙏
  8. Interesting about mules! I've been trying so hard with no luck to breed out the draft traits from my old 5-speed bison so I can test if they are any better than horses. I'll have to start breeding mules now! I think I need find the will to grind out AH more (at least to 75 or 80) to see if that helps with getting better traits instead of 2/3 speed or draft and the rest being misc or output
  9. I got some weird foals today. Breeding 3 Ebony Black horse pairs gave me 3 Appaloosa and 2 of them had a mish mash of traits like the one below. I thought the Misc. traits weren't considered a major category but it seems that sometimes it is? Or I just got "lucky" in that it didn't fill the rest of the points with negatives traits? (I say lucky in quotes because I'd rather have negatives traits since I can Genesis them) I don't know....
  10. Hello! Could you please send me 71ql dioptra? , COD to Terri Thank you!
  11. Hello! Huge axe, silver, 70ql, 89nimb, 74LT, 91coc, 67ms - 13s Could you COD to Terri please? Thank you!
  12. Yay! Bellevue Sanctuary [3454, 1110] Also, Athena at [3356, 997] has disbanded
  13. +1 Rezzing this thread from the dead. Would REALLY love this option.
  14. [11:28:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thank you!