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  1. yes.. (and thanks) .. the US times is often very late night for ppl in EU and further east .. and we could call that "wierd " too 😉 The game is playable 24/7, so any time chosen will be "bad" to someone. I sometimes pass deeds that is clerly worked on, but I never see anyone there.. but they are just gaming other hours than I .. nothing wierd about that 😉
  2. the opt-out ... it has some flaws .. When pople play they don't have to be on this forum, and they might not even know the map is there .. "They can just opt-out" .. yes IF they know.. as is, you are forcing people to be on the map without asking them politely. -and when they find out they need to make a forum account AND find this thread .. just to say "opt me out!!!" (of course it's another story if one of you find a deed and the mayor is there and you ask them if they want to have the deed on map.. and they say "yes" )
  3. Smarken (BS65+ Carp 70+ and some other useless skills) will try to show up as much as possible with all my (prem) alts including 1Vynora priest and 1 Fo Priest for prayer circle (Not casting as chan. is too low) and/but they can link if needed.
  4. pls add Deeds "The Annoying Neighbor" @ #2433,1775 "Zamunda" @ #2659,1383 "Lakeview Woods" @ #2704,1352 "Rum Nom Nom" @ #2800,877 "Pax Vobiscum" @ #2490,1766 "Little Highrise" @ #2567,1444 "Lacy Hamster's Bay" #2524,1752 "Kiyas Bayside" @ #2726,1464 "Merrickxx's Farm" #2702,1428 "Tortuga" @ #2824,1350 Correction: Fluffy Warriors (Not 2534, 1442) #2607,1445 Forge Hold (not 2526, 1778) #2552,1807 Bridge(s) #2846,1323 - #2852,1323 - 2 lane, highway #2813,1292 - #2813,1285 - 2 lane, highway #2996,1171 - #2996,1174 - 2 lane (was highway, but eyes is removed from bridge towards Belfort ) #2888,1129 - #2884,1129 - 2 lane, highway #2781,1085 - #2781,1089 - 2 lane, highway Tunnels Cradle tunnel, correction : #2535,1567 - #2534,1417 (The current on map is a little off, and too short.) #2731,1647 - #2655,1647 Delete : Boon Dock #2778,873 (have been disbanded for a year or so)
  5. Is this mod hosted anywhere with a working link, instead of the non-working dropbox-link ?
  6. now more people will come to play WOOD .. Happy my wood-areas were not featured ^^
  7. 15 years ago I accidential got a character on a pvp server in world of warcraft .. and I hated the world pvp part, ..mostly random ganking from highlevels .. BUT !! .. one time I actually found some fun in it, when two guilds from opposite factions set out to fight on a designated time and place. Ofc many others than ppl from the two guilds from each faction turn up (including me) just to try to beat up the other faction (for me it was mostly me getting spanked ^^) I don't know if the same would be possible in wurm to make a organized fight where kindoms (or whatever) could meet head-on .. but maybe consequences of death is worse in wurm than wow 😉
  8. "come to the dark side - we got cookies .." seems to me that every game that is not entirely pvp (like CS and the like) feels the need to lure players into doing pvp with special bennefits to make people "want" to play pvp I have no idea how pvp work in wurm, but it's hard for me to see what can possibly be an angle for "real pvp players" to play wurm, (except for the "grief other players" angle 😉 ) To me the it seems that the fight system in wurm is not the part that have had the most attention from the Devs (maybe I just don't understand how it works) .. my pve toon can kill bears with his back towards it or at least can do most of the fighting on his own .. so it's mostly dependant on gear and skill-points .. not player actions This leads me to my assumption that wurm IS a pve-game ... but with a artficial pvp function added to attract some pvp'ish gamers (whether they are just people who like gaming agains other players..and mostly win I assume.. OR nasty griefers) -so I think .. Let us all have the cookies 🙂
  9. Yea, knew that .. but.. I meant in a more organized way. Ofc, ppl who randomly offer their help should always be welcomed 😉
  10. My friend wanted his horse gear imped .. and some of it "disappeared" ... and he found it in overflow.. .. seen in rear weiv (view mirrored^^) ... I should have told him bridle and saddlebacks makes no direct bennefit (on speed) and therefore not to bring it. My guess is that is why it ended up in overflow (?) -if so .. maybe you should clearify that in the rules, in a list of what will NOT be imped/enchanted (and maybe with a reason) 🙂 Both the otherday and today where I came by .. it seemed that forges was full of lowlevel stuf, and not much was happening ... I do ofc realize that even highskill crafters need a break now and then .. so.. To release some strain on highskill crafters, maybe you could try (next year) to engage more ppl of diverse skill level, and let those imp the stuff to their own max and then higher skilled ppl could take over... -maybe forges/containers marked in brackets of QL A - B, B - C ..and so forth. (and let ppl move their stuff to next bracket container. (I know it would need people to stay alert and keep an eye on their items.. but the imp'ing is free .. so that's the least they could do, I think.) On top, you could ask ppl to "pre-imp" the items as much as they can, so they don't bring a shitload of QL 1 gear to be imped all the way up. To me it seem to be abuse highskill crafters time to let them imp lowQL gear.. and it makes waiting time longer for everyone.. I know newbies (and some priests) can't do much, but others can, - and should! imho 😉
  11. There is also many things you can do with skill 99 that you can't do with skill 29 .. WU is mostly just saving time imho .. and you can take better screenshots with flying 😄 ..and a lot of items present in online is absent in WU .. (and it IS a designcontest not skill-level-contest 😉 ) .. I hope the winner wil be one with skill 29 😉 but awesome design skill.. - but i rest my case, since DemonaNightshade ruled WU out in another comment