To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. sure. Everyone is welcome 24/7 Food/Water is provided Spread the word
  2. We do Sermons here. You can join us. Were on Sklotopolis north of Heartland.
  3. WMADD LatLng(449.656894, 397.375)=Sklotopolis ; Merchant on deed - Sermon Group - Acces by Shiptunnel
  4. Holy Crop Rdy

    i think its fine. just do it as soon as possible.
  5. Holy Crop Rdy

    Hello it happened just now [01:28:49] <Violantia> [01:28:27] You sense that Fo is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow?# Just wanna let you know
  6. Im interested in QL 74 mountain lion pelt w36 c32 (60c) QL 81 Whetstone c41 (70c) QL 1 Stone chisel, Iron w36 c36 (50c) Please send to Sevelle