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  1. Gotta love when they throw a suggestion for defiance into the buried depths of a forgotten forum tab.
  2. I've only really played on Defiance, so i feel like starting on Chaos for me would really set me back big time. I've heard tons of stories of PMKs from players in Defiance and thought itd be cool especially since the player split among Defiance right now, The ability to actually make your own player kingdom with the friends you play with sounds awesome to me, and from the stories ive heard many seem to miss it as well from my perspective. I was more curious about hte possibility of PMKs on Defiance specifically. - Id say to make it even easier on devs (since i know the artwork is decently hard from what others are telling me.) Why not just do solid color tabards if anything (or keep the faction Tabards/colors) that way artists dont have to go out of their way as much.
  3. I think it'd be cool to move back to Player Made Kingdoms, was just curious if there was more support on the server about it or perhaps some insight from the devs/CMs if it would be a possibility in the near or very near future?