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  1.,2397 There's a dead deed named Cohne around here. I'm trying to do a treasure map 'round these here parts and it says there's multiple dead deeds here so I'll keep poking around. I'm currently on the lookout for Mylae if anyone knows where that's at.
  2. [15:22:45] You have a moment of inspiration... [15:22:45] The area looks picked clean. So... Is this supposed to happen? Is a MOI supposed to turn up nothing or If this isn't a bug I totally get it, I just wanna be sure!
  3. What time/time zone will the dedication be?
  4. @killjoyJones07No worries buddy! I'll just get some lingonberry pegs/tenons and share 'em. Thanks for letting us know.
  5. Awesome, I'll totally build a small sailing boat for him. My shipbuilding is kinda low rn so I can only do that, but... I remember once he gave me a crapton of rare/supreme logs so we could get some good tar to make ships out of. We were like kids happily doing a science experiment in a way. It's the least I can do for him. Does anyone know what his favorite color was? So I can pick the right finishing tenon/peg?
  6. Ging, is there anything else I could potentially bring/make to help out? I'm happy to do whatever is needed. I was thinking something boat related since I remembered our buddy built/imped them like a champion.
  7. I'm in Harmony, but I will do whatever I can to help with a memorial. To his family, we all love you so much. You're with all of us in your time of need.
  8. +1, this is just... The fact that they can be inaccurate seems to be punishing the player "just because lol". Given how much time and energy those maps cost and how long the player is actively kept in the game due to it, that's just basically telling the player to piss off for investing into the game for no good reason.
  9. I say nay... Soooort of. Four waves, but depending on the amount of people there the fourth wave could be a little shorter. People usually don't just show up at that wave so it'll be safe to curve it just a tad maybe depending on the people in local/within a certain amount of tiles when that wave begins. However I can totally understand why people'd want to eliminate a wave.
  10. +1 to more representation in skintone and hairstyles. I am so sorry to anyone who got far enough to read my comment.
  11. Yes, yes! And maybe something like, the ability to dye the lights? Also, maybe different types of lumps to make different metals on the lights? Something has to hold those bulbs... Another Christmas idea - Sleighs for mounts to pull. Or at least let me put cute bells on my wagon...
  12. +1 Bumping this again. I have a ton of fur and I can only make beds and whatnot so many times, y'know? Accenting leather armor with some fur would look pretty dope too!
  13. 1045, 699 is Connacht! It's right on the eastern road up from Quintesse, I just hope I got the placement right. IGN Is Samuraifishploo