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  1. +1 to more representation in skintone and hairstyles. I am so sorry to anyone who got far enough to read my comment.
  2. Yes, yes! And maybe something like, the ability to dye the lights? Also, maybe different types of lumps to make different metals on the lights? Something has to hold those bulbs... Another Christmas idea - Sleighs for mounts to pull. Or at least let me put cute bells on my wagon...
  3. +1 Bumping this again. I have a ton of fur and I can only make beds and whatnot so many times, y'know? Accenting leather armor with some fur would look pretty dope too!
  4. 1045, 699 is Connacht! It's right on the eastern road up from Quintesse, I just hope I got the placement right. IGN Is Samuraifishploo