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  1. Hey everyone, people have expressed some interest in community events. Some of you have complained the the CA/CM/Mod/GM community isn't coordinating them, that isn't their job, we have like 19 new servers and tons of new players, I am sure they are busy. That being said, some people pm'd me with some really good (and of course some really bad) ideas. I am not part of the WURM team, I'm just a long time player and interested in helping a new server get some callouses on it's feet. I will list some proposed community events, and people can comment new ideas they have, and even snap off about what I've included. 1. Operation Regrowth: Fo is unpleased, the gods allowed us to find this beautiful new land, and the first thing we do is deface and deforest it. In order to please the nature deity, we come together as a community and plant something on ever free tile (no dang cedar) 2. Our Loving Mother: Libila loves you, the heinous deity, Fo, has covered the world in groves and forests so that the horrid creatures may hide, nest, and ultimately harm us. She calls forth heroes to clear cut the server, removing every possible tree. 3. Queen of the Road: The mysterious and powerful Vynora blesses us with safe travels, and to appease her, all must come together, improving highways and routes commonly used. We would beautify around intersections and long stretches of empty road. 4. Undermountain Adventure: Magranon, lord of the caves and mountains summons you to help construct an enormous labyrinth of mines, shafts, and pitfalls, in an un-deeded location, so that we would have a place to prove our strength. 5 WURM Academy: Not a new idea by any means, for those of you that played on early Inde, but the formation of a strong, structured continuation of the tutorial run by the more experienced players. This doesn't have to be in one place, or just one fancy deed, but could be a system of techniques celebrated to aid new players, if no deed was built and no vets willing to populate it, we could simply list deeds that have a spot for new players to learn the ropes. 6. Unique Kills: The time is coming, we know the rumors of dragons are spreading across the land, let's get our FS to 70 and start gearing up. The prices will go down in time, and if the weapon and armorsmiths don't come down on prices, we won't kill dragons, meh. 7. Rolf Racing: Not a personal interest, and it's been tried before, but a community race track complex, with generic cart/wagon/horse racing, and some obstacle events. 8. Starter deed area beautification: It's no lie, players have violated the lands around the starter deeds. Some of you even knew better!! We come together and sort it out, making the areas presentable, as the WURM team made them for us, as at least nice-ish. 9. Harmony Zoo: I always grind taming, on Deli we had a beautiful collection of champs and cool creatures. This could be a nice community project that we could all contribute to, make donations of animals, help with breeding, find a zookeeper...etc. 10. Regatta? You gotta!: Boats are popping up all over the place, we should consider bringing them all together to see where we are at. Vendors could sell boats and other goods there too, we could do on at each cardinal point on the map. Thanks for taking the time to check this out, please contribute any ideas! Doomenstein/Doomicus PS: I know there aren't 19 new servers, sarcasm is lost on this generation.