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  1. I've left that undisclosed since I feel like it would be easy for someone other than a person who responds here to swoop in and get it, however there doesn't seem to be much interest besides yours It's very near one of the starter towns.
  2. This area is undeeded, but there is a building on it, so I'm looking to transfer ownership of the building to whoever wants to live here now that I'm leaving. I was using this spot to train some skills with a to-be-priest alt. The idea was that since my main character was created on Cadence and moved to Melody, I wanted to do the same with this alt. It has been much less efficient than I realized, and we are going on vacation soon, so anything here will likely decay. So... the alt is moving to Melody now, too. If anyone wants or knows someone who wants a nice safe starter spot, this would be perfect. As stated, the spot is very safe. It's near a guard tower, very close to a starter town, and I've closed the whole thing off with hedges & gates. There is a 2x1 house with a BSB inside, and there are several tiles of enchanted grass. I can't bring my small cart with me in my rowing boat, so that will be transferred to the new owner. The mine has a (low QL) forge, and most of the walls and floors are already reinforced. There are at least 2 exposed iron veins. A well on-"deed". Also near the ocean for EZ access to other servers. Tar & clay aren't too far away either. There is also plenty of room to expand at a later date if the future owner just removes a couple hedges. I've tried to find the previous owner (going off some planted items on deed) and they don't have a forum account, so.... I really would like to pass this place on to someone, if possible. It's a cute spot imo Message me on the forums if you or a friend wants to move here, and I'll give the location. Screenshots:
  3. Thank you SO MUCH to all the hosts and volunteers!! I can't say how much I appreciate all your hard work! Also sorry you had to mail us our items, lebh and I felt bad about it but we're 8 hours ahead of your time zone and work struck X_X Looking forward to being able to volunteer myself sometime in future (look for me at the carpentry table).
  4. Hello, I was told to mention this on the forums. I just thought whoever owns Green Dog should know that the spawn point needs adjusting. When I spawned in as a new character I got dropped straight into the river.
  5. Seems I forgot to buy a couple things on my last order. Could I get: shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 95coc - 1,0s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 94coc - 1,0s pickaxe, iron, ~46ql, 105woa 85coc - 3,5s You can just cod it to me, like last time
  6. Hi! I'd like to order the following: saw, iron ~21ql, 99coc - 1,0s mallet, oakenwood, ~24ql, 101coc - 2,25s hatchet, steel, ~62ql, 85woa 97coc - 1,25s hammer head, iron, ~7ql, 87coc - 0,50s grooming brush, oakenwood, ~1ql, 87coc - 0,50s Thank you, and much appreciated!
  7. The deed called 'Shallow Hal' at 1858, 1251 can be removed, it's disbanded. Thank you.
  8. I'm coming with my deed mate, ofLegends & lebh. We are noobs so we're coming hoping to get some better tools & skills out of it. Neither of us have been to one of these things before. We will be departing from Melody N25, happy to ferry over any other newbie who wants to go.
  9. Thank you again for the green hood & satchel! They are the perfect shade and exactly what I was looking for. I know I said I wanted to test having a maroon satchel with the green hood, but after playing for a while with them both green, I actually want to just keep them the way they are. They're perfect as is. I also want to purchase 51kg of purple dye, or possibly purple bean. It's for my knarr sail. I'm trying for a very dark purple with reddish undertones (without being pinkish), and it's between these two colors. What do you think? Maybe we should test both colors on a cheap cloth item to make sure.
  10. Okay, I'm 8 hours ahead of you. I'll try to catch you online this weekend.
  11. I've been having a busy week and haven't had much time to catch you online. Can I ask what time zone you're in? That would help me know what time I should look for you.
  12. Requesting lock. I yoinked one in turn from another decaying deed.
  13. Someone yoinked my larder while I was waiting for the buildings to decay so I could re-deed Winter is coming... and I need to store my food. I'm hoping for a chestnut or other neutral colored wood, but I'll take what I can get. I was also unable to get a PC on this, so if it's drastically more than what I expected I'll have to decline and make due without. PM in game or respond here. Thanks.
  14. Hello! I've been meaning to figure out how to dye for a couple weeks now, but there is always another project taking priority. I'd like to dye my cloth hood and satchel a dark green, and I'm hoping to roughly match them with the green parts of copper chainmail: https://i.imgur.com/ZrMI1qU.png (Can't insert images properly) Anyway.. Some green parts of the chainmail are blueish, while some have more red undertones. I like the red undertone parts best. I also would like the hood somewhat darker than the satchel as they naturally are already. As I said I don't know anything about dyeing, so I'm ordering the quantity that's needed, plus the price of additional adjusting.
  15. As of now it is still the only building in the area! That will soon change. Hey, while I have you here, do you happen to have any screenshots of the original deed? I only caught it at the very end when almost everything had decayed, it would be nice to see what it used to look like.