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  1. Here's an updated map from our end, including the update from@Nekojin. We're connected up to Azure Dreams and are now working to connect to the Crimson Bay Canal to the West of Tavernia as marked:
  2. We're happy to continue it up towards you guys if you want to keep working towards Sonata, though if you do catch someone from Fensalir just south-west of you online, it'd be helpful to know how they'd like the highway routing through/around them as their deed is rather large and they're a bit out of our range at the moment.
  3. Awesome progress everyone! Here's an update from our end as well.
  4. Sounding great, @Nekojin, good luck with the bridge! It's been slow going on our end this week but we've paved around the corner of the coast and packed Eastwards for about a tile, though it needs a final leveling pass. Next steps will be to pave that section and coordinate with the Deeds we're almost at to see how they'd like the highway passing through. Brilliant, it'd be great to connect up to you guys! Though our efforts are mainly focussed on the North road at the moment to get that initial Sonata link, we'd be happy to help you guys out once that's further along!
  5. Thanks for posting your locations everyone, great to see the willingness to help out! Hopefully some more people around those of you further afield from us join the thread so you can get connected quickly @Nekojin That sounds great! We'll plot to your deed then and as we get closer we can coordinate timings and exact routing. I've updated the map to show it passing through your deed. Once we're there we can plan how it will continue past the lake at J16, but as you say, it'll likely end up going both ways around eventually
  6. Hey there! I'm Aerthok of Tavernia over at [875,2118] and we'd like to talk highways! We've been laying down the highway backbone around us in collaboration with our neighbours, as I'm sure a lot of you are doing, and we're now looking to pave the way to Sonata and the settlements along the way. To ensure we're all connected, and don't end up with a load of highways all running the same way but never actually connecting, we'd like to get everyone sharing their local highway plans so we can all coordinate joining routes. Here's our local highway work, including work by @NekojinEastwards from Azure Dreams. You can see we're situated in a natural crossroads of sorts, so we've run with that to create an East <-> West and North <-> South main highway. If you live along that route, we'd like to see your highway plans so we can coordinate the connections as we make our way towards Sonata! Let's use this thread to share plans and coordinate connections to other Settlements and Sonata/Encore! Once your highway is up and running, I encourage you to post the coordinates in the map thread below to be added to the community map. Community Map: Map Thread:
  7. Tavernia 875, 2103 Thanks a lot!