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  1. Hello folks, willing to sell a Corbita, equipped with lock and anchor already, Q +- 50 Location: Southern Xanadu Transaction modes: Only pickup Price: 4.0s ( or 1EU per silver via paypal ) PM if interested.
  2. hatchet 40 coc 45 woa 49.09 ql 20 copper hammer 43 coc 39 woa 47.05 ql 20 copper small anvil 39 coc 47 woa 46.99 ql 20 copper Carving Knife 27 coc 46 woa 15.63 ql 10 copper Cod to Selva, Thanks.
  3. Hatchet, iron, 26ql, 75coc - 37c Pickaxe, iron, 16ql, 71coc - 35c Cod to Selva, thanks.
  4. Still mad tieh th 5s fee for changing deed's name. So when you buy a deed, and it has a wierd name, don't forget to put more 5s on the final balance. Too much imao, almost robbery.
  5. Need villagers!

  6. Would you sell 10s or just the entire package?
  7. Ship delivered as ordered. Great job!
  8. Java problem, try installing it correctly or reistalling it ( remove it entirelly first ) Video Card Driver may be outdated Your DirectX may be outdated Check for virus, trojans and malwares, some may corrupt Java Run Time. There are more things that mau be, check the forum, it has lots of troubleshotting.
  9. Durable itens should have a longer anti-decay bonus, imao.
  10. Hello, i might be interested, but i would like more details like mines, structures and pictures at daytime.
  11. Please mate, send more details with more photos bu PM, i'm interested im adquiring the deed.
  12. I would like to order a Corbita, delivered, south of Xanadu. Delivered to Selva or Selvagem (player)
  13. Hello folks. Recently i made some wurmshop buying when i realeased that 2 payments were in the wrong account since they have similar name. I want to known if i can change that because it was a stupid error, thanks to my firefox stupid cache. Both are hosted in the same email . Thanks
  14. Have a terrain to flat either, talking about paying 1s per 1000 actions. South Xanadu.
  15. Hello foilks, i'm Selvagem! I just started a deed at Xanadu and i would like some good fellas to live in it. It's very fresh, so you will be able to see it's transformation over time and also be part of that, Server: Xanadu Taking non-prems?: Yes Taking newbies: Yes Location: R19 PM me if interested and we can talk, i'm interested in good and decent folks to play with.
  16. Theres a mountain above, 15 titles above the position from where i took that ss, but i think about planning untill what i can if i find some rock where it shouldn't has. Localization: south part of Xanadu.
  17. Hello folks, just started a deed at Xanadu, and since i'm the only one here, i would need some help to terraform these lands, basically, a 12x12 area, so i've decided to search "hired shovels". I don't have tools or shovels, lost my boat too so you will have to bring your own. Post here if you interested and we can talk about prices. PS: during the week i'm pretty busy.
  18. Nevermind, was typing an old char instead of actual. Really need to get some glasses. Srry folks. CASE CLOSED
  19. Yeah Kitsunenobaka, i've expressed my self wrongly. Anyway, devs should fix this, once and for all. It's not the first or second time that im having problems with the wurm shop.
  20. NoGatwick, when you put another password different from yours, it gives an error saying that the password is wrong. My Paypal is ok, but since i dont live in US or EUROPE i can only pay using it. It's really annoying ¬¬ .
  21. Hello folks, im having problems when using the shop to get coins. When i try to login at the wurm shop with my char im getting this error. Sorry we could not authenticate player: Selva Server result was 'An error occurred when loading your account.' However, im playing normally with this player at the server.
  22. COME ON! No one can solve this? My deed is abandoned for 1 week by now, i need to solve this freaking java stuff! NONE ever had this problem?