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  1. Hello! I was thinking about buying some Leather Armor Pieces with a fair price. Let me know ingame if you have it. Toxa
  2. I wanna try this Auctioning thing out Iron Huge Axe - 80ql - All Enchanted. Starting Bid = 6s Bid = 50c No Buyout * Rotting Touch = More DPS (why would you want LT to heal, if you can kill faster, right?)
  3. DONE! Can close the post!
  4. I want to buy a PEG or TENON made of THORN (Archaeology wood type) Im paying 50c on each, only need 1. Ty! Send directly to Toxa ingame.
  5. Heyyy! Send me that blueberry peg! ingame Toxa
  6. I have 100 32ql Woad if interested. I like the looks of the dye and it doesnt really looks like very artificial. PM Toxa ingame if interested
  7. I wanna buy it out. 15s. Send me by COD to Toxa ingame.