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  1. thornwood knarr - hayzues
  2. Winter

    on the WU mod- its a ton of fun but it also kills the server population. That's a super niche version of survival. Don't get me wrong i love it but i highly doubt the masses would on WO.
  3. +1 cosmetic trophies -1 bonuses
  4. This was a glitch (purely cosmetic) but would love to see it working. +1 .
  5. huh....? edit: if you're the guy that had that leather set and logged off leaving me wondering if you were going to send it or not..... go ahead send it, ill buy it. I don't want you having jack to hang over my head.
  6. 35faith - this already exists. oakshell - 70% i think with no armor? the lore behind Fo is being a tree hugging hippy not getting rewarded for chopping them down. Overall im happy with the system the way it is and don't see any reason to change it.
  7. 35s Be nice I'm your neighbor.