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  1. F should not include a very rarely used and potentially problematic function like "Disembark". While on a horse and, for example, cutting sprouts from trees and not double checking every single tree, you often times end up on the ground instead of cutting a sprout. I'm pretty sure there are more situation with "barely missed what I wanted to click on, landed on the ground". Simply keep the function in the right click menu as it is not used this often.
  2. That is simply a workaround which does not address the problem for sand tiles. I'll request moving this thread to the bugs section as I think this thread would be more fitting there.
  3. Oh? I don't find any on Harmony, NFI. Sounds like it's more of a bug or oddity then, rathe than an oversight.
  4. "This area looks picked clean" is all you get on all sand tiles. This can obviously not be correct. Judging by that logic, any desert would be void of any archaeological findings. Egypt, anyone? I am able to investigate on cobblestone, slabs, all kinds of ridiculously large roads and paved areas, even farmed and growing fields. But sand is a no-no? And before anyone asks: No, it's not recently picked. I've skimmed huge coastal areas and have never once found a sand tile that worked. If sand is indeed unwanted as a target for archaeology, and the devs are unwilling to allow investigating these for whatever unknown reason, then at least disable the ability to even try, as it serves no purpose. (As a sidenote, tasting the dirt at least gives a funny message)
  5. Heck, I'd do that. But Java development with JavaFX? noplease I already thought about "ripping" the models and recreating better animations, then simply sending those to them anonymously. Couldn't care less if I get credited or not.
  6. Granted, another "\n" at the end, or a simple empty line would space it out more and won't interfere with anyone. Unrelated to the suggestion, but I still wonder: How do you misclick twice in a row? You said "..to not accidently move 50..". That only leaves two options: A: You typed in the number you wanted via keyboard, and then moved the mouse to click on the OK button, but you hit the "50" with the first misclick and then misclicked again without checking and hit "OK". Solution: Simply type in the number as before and hit enter, don't use the mouse, so you don't misclick trying to hit OK. B: You clicked on a number in the list, then tried clicking on the OK button, but hit the "50" instead of "OK" - then without checking you clicked OK. There's no solution to that. What if you then misclick "25" instead of "50"? Space that out as well? Don't get me wrong, the Wurm UI is horribly dated and should receive a full makeover. But misclicking twice and not checking your own inputs is something no UI can safeguard against without hindering "quick" gameplay by introducing something like a cooldown before you can click OK.
  7. I've reported the thread with the intention of having it deleted. It seems people would rather suffer and defend the current state of the game than think about improvement for usability which would result in no negative impact for anyone.
  8. As an upcoming Libila priest, I do have to say that praying non-stop seems like a really awful way to waste time. I'm already making plans on how to cook while chained to the altars range. This isn't fun at all. I'll have to remodel my house with more windows, so I'll at least see life running by my house from time to time... I sure as hell won't be part of it for a long time, if I want to have what everyone else has to go through. But, just consider the following situation for a moment: The benediction buff would get taken out of the game. What would remain of the prayer skill? What would actually skilling prayer make it worth skilling? Improved praying times? Hah! I don't expect anything to happen from this suggestion though, as grinding is the holy part of Wurm, and grinding costs time, which in return costs money the devs want and need to keep the game running.
  9. As long as it's purely decorative, I'm all for it. Even though I'm not much of a friend of roleplaying, having appropriate apparel can make quite the difference in mood and allows expressing "I love being a farmer/cook/..." beyond just activating your title(s). Even though I doubt that the developers would go through the hassle. Sad but true, but graphical assets like clothes and properly rigging them to the bodies is already a lost cuse, when I look at all the clipping currently in the game.
  10. I'd also like to see some more, if necessary forced, approach to the food system as well. It's a shame that we have all those recipes, but are only relying on pizzas because they're the only food type that allows simply mashing in as many and as complicated things as possible, which then results in long affinity timers and instantly full CCFP. Either incentivize variety like Vessel is suggesting, or go a different way. As an example: A game I played, "Haven and Hearth", has a much more interesting food system. They have food satiations. When you eat only the same thing, the effects you gain from it are diminishing until you're left with only a fraction of the benefits. To counter this, you then need to eat or drink something to "forget" about being fed up with it. This makes sense, as being forced to only eating your favorite food for all eternity, would make you crave eating the bottom contents of a garbage can after a while, if only to have a different taste in your mouth. A similar system in Wurm would of course not fix, that simple bread would never be a common, filling, food item, but it would definitely get rid of the "Pizza only!" spiel we have right now. Will it also be streamlined in the future? It sure as hell will. But we're not only stuck with ONE item, then.
  11. You're completely missing the point of the suggestion. I suggest the ADDITION of the ability to do this: Activate tomato -> click prepared field -> sow. As opposite to: Right click tomato -> pick seeds -> find seed in inventory -> activate seed -> click field -> sow. 6 steps of interaction versus 3. There's no excuse to not allow this. This is not about having seeds in storage, this is a simplification of a process which should not require this much interaction. The intent of the player who activated a tomato and right clicked an empty field is 100% clear and it should be handled as such. Yes, we can't simply push a tomato in the ground and make it grow. It would most likely rot, rather than sprout. But simply printing a "You pick the seeds from the tomato and sow them." message would suffice to streamline this and keep realism. You are unfortunately missing the point of the suggestion as well. It is not about the amount of seeds you've stored up or any farming level involved. It is about the typical "wurmian" clunkyness which existed in this same exact state 10 years ago, and still exists now. To both of you and anyone reading: I know very well it is impossible to please everyone, and I sure as hell don't want to suggest making wurm "console tier - press X to win". But I've been doing some UI and gameplay development myself, and I can say that some things in wurm aren't simply "wurm charm", but overly clunky - and those things should be fixed.
  12. Make it possible to simply activate a (just as an example) tomato and be able to sow it. It serves no use that I'm forced to first right click the item, choose pick seed/crush, then find the seed I picked in the inventory, double click it, until I'm finally be able to sow it on the field. Please streamline this behaviour, maybe even add it to a certain farming skill level. Keep the ability to pick seeds/crush in the game, as there's some use for it if you only want to transport seeds or press something (like oil).
  13. The current skill list is a mess when opened after a fresh login. I suggest adding an option to the client to make the skill list sort alphabetically and keep it that way when expanding sub skills WITHOUT the player having to click the name tab. I know there are similar topics about inventory sorting and preventing macroing by random sorting, but the skill window can in no way be used for macroing and should not suffer the same fate. Plus, it is already possible to sort it by simply clicking on the name tab, but it should not have to be done manually all the time. It is a simple nuisance.
  14. Yeah, I know, confusing title, but it all makes sense. Thiis is what the display for the Alignment on a Libila follower looks like. I noticed it was MUCH worse (read: even more misaligned to the left), before. Please get it fixed so it aligns to the right as it does with positive values. EDIT: This is while running on a Linux machine with the native Linux launcher in use (not JNLP).