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  1. What happened -> I was up on the second story of my house, instead of climbing down the ladder and then commanding my large cart with 2 horses on it.. From upstairs I chose 'embark commander' on the cart which was downstairs.... This then teleported the large cart upstairs with the horses still attached showing the horses downstairs... I created a support ticket to which 'Neopherus' advised I should relog to fix any desync... after doing so the large cart was still present upstairs with the horses still being attached and now the horses also being upstairs on the second level of my house. What I expected to happen -> Well I expected a message telling me that this wasn't possible as I'm on a different story of the house from my cart.. and on the off chance that it allowed me to embark the cart from upstairs I would have gone on with my day Steps to reproduce -> Listed in 'What happened' Proof: Crude fix: Unhitch the horses -> right click the cart and 'Haul down' -> Climb back up-stairs to where the horses are -> lead the horse -> Hitch to the cart downstairs while leading the horses that are upstairs (Ty Ciray for help lol)
  2. Forest Giant Slay

    Would love to come
  3. South Land Located in Harmony T15, if it's Black-Smithing, I can do it Cavemannn's BlackSmithing services: Outsuki's WeaponSmithing services: