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  1. Forest Giant Slay

    Would love to come
  2. South Land Located in Harmony T15, if it's Black-Smithing, I can do it Contact me in game (/tell Cavemannn <Message>) Contact me on Discord : Salmqn#5548 I also offer imping services, Just PM me, (Prices change depending on previous quality) -----ALL PRICES NEGOTIABLE----- Current stock (outdated): Black-Smithing services: Current Items With Enchants: 70ql Pickaxe -> 59CoC -> 1.00s 70ql Pickaxe -> 51CoC -> 1.00s 70ql Saw -> 67CoC -> 1.25s 70ql Saw -> 47CoC -> 1.00s 70ql Saw -> 47CoC -> 1.00s 70ql Saw -> 46CoC -> 1.00s Tools: Available for COD if the item fits 50ql tools - 40c 60ql tools - 50c 70ql tools - 70c 80ql tools - 1.5s 85ql tools - 3s 90ql tools - 4.5s Anvils: Small Anvil 50ql - 60c Small Anvil 60ql -75c Small Anvil 70ql - 1s Small Anvil 80ql 3s Large Anvil 50ql - 50c Large Anvil 60ql - 0.75s Large Anvil 70ql - 1.5s Large Anvil 80ql - 3s Large Anvil 90ql - 5.5s Horse Shoes: Set prices (4 shoes) 50ql - 70c 60ql - 2s 70ql - 2.5s 80ql - 5.5s