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  1. Danneveng (S8, about,1731) does not appear to be here any more.
  2. Do you happen to have slate on hand? I need about 7k to finish up and would be much easier to buy existing shards than to use a rod.
  3.,1789 New deed "Spicy Peppers" Not moving here, just a place to go as an escape to hunt and to have a harbor to protect the boats.
  4. Hi, thanks. Had a change in RL plans and I won't be back in town for a couple days. Will contact you then - sorry about the timing and thanks!
  5. I have had a chance in family plans, so I won't be back to wurm when the timer for this ends. Apologies - but I should contact the winner within about 24 hours of then to arrange things. No change to the auction - just a minor delay to communicate FYI.
  6. Bump - the auction is up again, different wood! (Last one, Oak, went to Reaping). Lets see if I just jumped the gun or if nobody wants to do trades other than silver. I prefer non-silver! New bids are below this post! Happy bidding
  7. Whoot whoot! Wish the sale started sooner to be honest, as traveling during the holiday means that I have a chance to miss it. But, it is what it is.
  8. Bump - about 10 hours left. I have had 2 people contact me via forums about other items, both said they may bid, but haven't yet. Great deal on a great wagon.
  9. 2 s for each of the rare gloves. 1 s for the glow ring (assuming it has a decent glow rune on it) If OK, then please COD to Spacy
  10. Going to be a bit of an overload (sorry): Events / Games / and the prizes that go with them. Make sure to have a rough schedule and to make sure that impromptu events (held by your staff) are fine, but to not include any of the major prizes. Gift bags. Make sure things like the priests are not upstairs of all the smoke... really - put the forges on the top. Keep all but sleeping in the main building so priests get the max from their sermons. Have a few people (one needs to be staff) dedicated to running and managing the sermon group. Come up with a plan on how you want sermons to run BEFORE you start - and stick with the plan. Of the 10 or so imps I have been to and/helped host, 70% of the drama was from the priests and someone missing a slot or someone jumping in line. Campground & horse parking & boat parking (and imping) & cart/wagon parking (and imping). Try to make the parking nearby so that those folks don't feel left out, and can come back to help with sermons / afk safe spots from arena spillage. Off deed is fine typically. If a dedicated deed, good idea to be able to invite impers to get deed bonus & kick them out once the imp is over. Test and set perms before hand. Enchanting spot. Know what spells are cast by which priest, and what items get what spells. This gets messy. It is often the most confusing for folks looking to get that right mix on their items. A weapon typically gets: CoC, Nim & MS + something like BT or LT + a demise (assuming it isn't going to be acid/frost potioned). That is 5 different bins the person needs to move their weapon to. It gets confusing, fast, particularly for people that don't do it often (like those you typically cater to at imps). Signs and planning and doing a few trial runs help a lot. Similar confusion happens to a lesser extent with blacksmithing and weapon smithing items (cause they ain't confusing at all). Make sure folks know to bring their stuff for IMPING, not for crafting. Usually 1-2 folks are new and have honest mistakes on this, but 2+ are just.... impatient and... well, rude. How you figure out which is which and what you do should be clear up front. Decide on if you are going to allow above 70 imping, and how those mats will be distributed. Wood and leather go slow and always want to imp higher. JS and weaponsmithing is always a backlog. People get impatient for the 2-3 casters to show up. Recommended 70 ql mats for SFI (where we get an imp every 3-4 months, and our imps are 4-5 days long): Clay, stone shards, Marble, slate shards, yarn = 500--1000 Peat (or tar equivalent for fuel) = 1500 (a lot more than you should need, but running out 1/2 through shouldn't be an option) Brass, Bronze, Copper, Tin, Lead, electrum, logs = 2k Gold, Silver, leather (any QL but higher is better) = 2500 Iron, steel, Strings of cloth = 5000 Healing cotton = 20,000 (more if Bel visits a lot) Favor = 1,000,000 at a minimum. Priests are greedy with other peoples favor! If, for example, you have 1000 high ql (90) iron, don't subtract it from the base 5000. That would go in addition to as folks still need to imp to 70 first. There are other fun things that might be interesting - general how to do x,y,z; dye stations, blood mixing, etc. People get downtime at these events also and want to be productive or helpful; 3/4 imps I have been to have had places set up to do a HFC / pan fill setup, but perms were never done so that anybody could ever do so. Brick making, mortar and cordage making are also things people can do and feel useful doing. Food & water convenient for all folks.
  11. Laby 138 891, 1134 (rough location)
  12. Also called settlement upkeep chip They are found in treasure chests. They come in denominations of: ??? up to 1s. Came out with exploration part 1 (date ???) To use: activate the chip, right click a settlement token, select Settlement --> Deposit. You can only deposit one chip at a time. If a settlement currently has any upkeep chips in its coffers, their total will be listed in any windows where deed coffer totals are listed. Upkeep chips provide the same value as normal coins when used for upkeep. In other words, a 20 copper upkeep chip will provide just as much village upkeep as an actual 20 copper coin. Upkeep chips in a village's coffers are always spent before normal currency, for both upkeep itself and any other action that takes funds from the coffers, such as deed expansion. (PVP only) Upkeep chips cannot be drained from the settlement, but they also do not protect against draining or disbanding from draining in any way. If a settlement's normal upkeep funds are fully drained but the village still has upkeep chips in its coffers, the settlement will still disband. Upkeep chips are not refunded if the village is disbanded for any reason, and cannot be removed from the village coffers after being deposited.
  13. OK, doing this again - and just editing the post as it is basically the same! This is my 2nd auction - But I just put in a new timer and edited the post so I don't have to redo it all! This auction is for a Birchwood wagon! Was part of a trade I did for one of a different wood type, so I am not the maker, it is Rightout. This one is just over 50ql. Only difference - if the auction value goes over 1g, I will offer to exchange this wood type for one of the following: Walnut, Thorn, Lingonberry, Lavender, Chestnut or Hazelnut). The winner can come over and look them all over before they decide. If it goes over 2g I will offer up a choice of Raspberry or Rosewood (ya, the rose is by far the best looking to me, and the raspberry a close second - so not expecting these to sell, but hey with the Black Friday sale going on who knows - far as I know it is only rose HLL wagon in the entire game!). Starting Bid: 50s Increments: 1s Reserve: Yes (70s if cash only OR 40s + at least 10s trade value of mats listed below - yes I know it is needlessly complicated but I want to encourage people to trade mats instead of silver as I would like to see someone who feels that this may be out of their range to realize no, it isn't) Buyout 2g Sniper Protection: No Private Bids: No It is currently located at D9 Xan (Mackinac Island). Unless otherwise discussed I am assuming you will pick up. Will be willing to trade materials at the following rates if the mats are easier for you to come up with. Just figure out the value of what you are willing to trade and bid as a silver value so others can properly bid, please and include in your first post. Mine supports: 4s per 100, can use 500 Mortar 2s per K, can use 10k Slate Bricks, 2s per K, can use 3k Planks, 1s per K, can use 2k Shafts, 1s per K, can use 4k Camellia sprouts, 1s per 100, can use 200 Lavender sprouts, 1s per 1000, can use 500 (so 50c worth, but I will credit you with a full 1s for the 500 to make bidding easier) White-dotted flowers, 1s per 10 , can use 40 (Note: honest mistake some people confuse with white flowers, which are NOT the same. I don't need any white flowers.) Moon metal lumps, 4s per kg, 5s if over 90ql Can use: Seryll 2kg<90ql, 0.5kg>90ql, Glimmer 1kg>90ql, Ada 5kg<90ql, 2kg>90ql Spring Flowers (the white ones with the bluish vase) 4s each (as many as you want to hand over) Crow Flag 10s , need 1 to finish my collection of flags though will consider other crow items as well Roman Republic Flag 40s, need 1 to finish my collection though will consider other roman items as well Lady of the Lakes hota 40s Rare Bone 20s, Supreme bone 80s Do NOT need (in anticipation of people asking: Hide, Scale, Bloods, other hota's, sleep powder - so these will not be at fair market trade value - you are forewarned) I am open to exchanging for rare/supreme items (most I would donate to the upcoming Lunalong as prizes) but would need to have a conversation to determine value. Heck, I am open to almost any sort of trade so let me know what you got! Lets see if I jumped the gun on the last one and get a bit of action on this one!
  14. Paying 2s per K. Must be delivered, D9 Xan (Mackinac Island, near Glasshollow). Thank you!
  15. I'm absolutely starving. Oh, wait, its happened already.
  16. Only one I didn't find was a faceless...
  17. Aggggggggg, need some sort of running tally, going through all these posts isn't fun: 6: 27s (think this is the next one, but probably missed a few bids). 8. 18s 10 2s
  18. I will take one. Spacy. Thanks!
  19. I would give you 5s for it. Just a bit of decoration for me I am afraid.