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  1. thats a lot of beans trash
  2. Interestingly the finished scissors get the martial of the blade you use the active one on. So you can transfer rarity and runes into finished scissors of any material.
  3. Looking to sell a rare strange bone for 45 silver. Contact Arno here or in game.
  4. Hug a Forest Giant !

    Thanks for coming everyone ! 
  5. Hug a Forest Giant !

    It really is too late to delay with everyone having made their plans to come to melody.
  6. Thanks for leaving 7 minutes and 19 seconds between both events. It really is too late to delay the melody event as people have made their plans.
  7. Hug a Forest Giant !

    Look forward to seeing everyone! Thanks to Karatal for the great work decorating the area!
  8. Yes I can build a spirit house for you. Are you looking for a full 9 piece cloth set? I am now a priest and can no longer improve things but I can make the set at low quality. I can find a friend to improve it to 60ql for you.
  9. A new feature to cooldown hot items was introduced, however I can not use it as a Fo priest. It is not an imping action, so i do not know why it would be restricted for priests. Steps to reproduce: 1) Be a Fo priest 2) Heat up a lump 3) Activate hot lump 4) Click the quench action on water 5) Result: Fo would not approve of that.
  10. Hug a Forest Giant !

    The friendly forest giant living in the woods of Melody has woken up. The giant has been wandering around looking for friends. They enjoy picking up travelers from their horses and giving them a kiss. Let us welcome them by having a gathering outside of the giant's burrow. There will be food for all and opportunities for sermons. Once the giant comes out of their burrow everyone will have a chance to greet them. You can even hug the giant or give their dangling bear belt a kiss for good luck. Once the giant has had enough affection, they will go back into hibernation. Location: Melody K15 ( 863,986 ) Time: 7PM UTC, Friday May 12th Thanks to our resident monster hugger, Jacalina, for this artwork!
  11. We can do it on Friday at the upcoming slaying.
  12. Yes I have a stock of electrum Fo runes. You want them mailed instead of applied by me? These will do?
  13. Her favor bar is full in the image. Does it actually attack you or is it a client side issue? I know it happens that they will attack you when low on favor and you have to reset them somehow after regaining favor for it to reset target and turn passive again.
  14. Thanks for the positive comment! Happy to help Glad i was able to sort out your mailbox. Thanks for the job! Oriana is all set with a 104 courier runed mailbox now. Hope it will serve you for a long time!
  15. These are two good options: Bronze rune of Vynora (7.5% Wind Speed, 5% Vehicle Speed (any item)) Bronze rune of Fo (10% Wind Speed) I believe the vehicle speed only applies to the wind still speed. The wind speed will increase the speed added by the wind, which is usually more.
  16. The size rune wont work to increase volume since the knarr has different internal and external sizes. You can still use a volume rune to fit more crates. Here is more information:
  17. Hey everyone. I'm working to reopen my merchant page. Fo priest and rune services are available now. Look forward to helping everyone out again.