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  1. Thanks for coming everyone!
  2. Let's get together for the slaying of the venerable white dragon! Everyone will get some scale and a blacksmithing blood. I'm glad to have helped pen this beast and make it a public event for everyone together with Uszi and Kvinto. Thanks to Kvinto for spotting the beast. He will receive the dragon's skull as his reward. Thanks to Uszi for holding it until it could be penned for a public slaying. He gets to take home the rest of the body. Location: Q20 Harmony Deed name: Pearl Time: Sunday 17 October 3pm est
  3. Sorted Itkovian out with a 104 mailbox cast + rune and had a nice trip to Cadence
  4. Sent, have fun with your new cloth sets
  5. One cloth sets for sale Rare green cloth set - Sleeves, vest, pants - 15s
  6. Hey thanks for ordering. I've sent you the barrel. Enjoy and happy wurming
  7. Thanks for coming everyone!
  8. Two black barrels sent. May this offering appease you.
  9. A kyklops is menacing central Melody. The giant has made his home north of K15. Let's come together on Friday at 3pm est and earn the title of Giantslayer! Directions Follow the highway from overture to Pnuts Palace Take a left turn here and follow the green pointing signs
  10. I sent you the blackest of blacks. May it please you.
  11. Ritual of the sun

    [23:06:54] As the Ritual of the Sun is completed, followers of Magranon may now receive a blessing!