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  1. Looks like I can make maps again. But now combining maps is causing crashes. Logs in spoiler.
  2. Overall I do like being able to make these maps, both as displays and to keeping track of things with the atlas. Especially linking them to the world map and storing them in different atlases seems useful to me.
  3. I can't make any new maps and don't know what is causing it. Everything works as normal and get "You put the finishing touches on the map and wait for the black ink to dry.", but you don't receive the painted map. I had successfully made and combined about 10 maps before this started happening. Now I have not received a painted map from my surveys in over 10 attempts.
  4. I'm guessing thats about 1.4kph faster than 4 speed molten hell horse with the same gear? Very nice. Traitless molten seems to be the same speed as traitless champion unicorn. What carry weight does it start slowing down at? I noticed the traitless champs slowing down around 70kg.
  5. Since it's on your client only it may not be much of a problem. It could be a nice feature to have custom images and share them with your friends so they can also see them on your deed. A more advanced possibility would be automatically update these images using a simple tool. You could make them display information about rites, rifts, harvests, etc or even make it a compact community news letter.
  6. You should fire the clay stamp into a pottery stamp using a campfire / forge / kiln. The journal does mention using a fired stamps on a map but there is no explicit step telling you to fire them.
  7. Are we allowed to have some client-side fun by editing the maps? The map image files are easily accessible.
  8. Oh, this is at the another starter town. I started at gone fishing. The fantastic Oracle crystal didn't do anything after clicking yes and send. I had to restart on an alt since I can't seem to teleport to the other. I found a toolbelt and was able to afford mail after selling some things to token. I checked again and the basic tools did not have a toolbelt so glad i got this one now. Thanks for helping with the testing.
  9. The skill seems to give about three times the tick size for characteristics compared to other skills with the same timer length. This is likely fine since you're intended to travel between the different survey points. However, it is currently possible to create many surveys in a row and then you can continue all the surveys on the exact same point. I think you can gain a lot of cartography skill and possibly also characteristics (body stamina, body control and mind logic) by repeating both starting and continuing surveys like this.
  10. I think the large bell resonater has the wrong icon. The huge bell also has the same issue.
  11. It would be great to have toolbelts available in the testing menu. The starter two slot one is rather limiting and I don't see any way to get leather to make my own. You may also want to add a reed pen to the test menu kits. I had to go find some wild reeds. Another thing I noticed is that there does not seem to be any error text about there not being ink in the stamps. And it would be nice if you could use multiple ink pots in your inventory. It seems to only look for ink in one of the pots/pens from my inventory.
  12. This is still a problem for both cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Interacting with these items for a while did seem to cause performance issues on my client, so this should be fixed. These recipes don't work like cheese or butter, where it uses a fixed amount of liquid to make a fixed amount of solids. The recipe takes any weight of cocoa liquor and converts it into a solid with 90% of the weight rounded down to the nearest gram. The problem is that for 1 gram this calculations gives 0 grams. What you end up creating is an item with no weight which seems to put it in a state of both existing and not existing. The item can't directly be interacted with. It is stuck in the container which can be dropped, mailed and traded. Dragging an item onto the bugged cocoa product will give a message like "No item found with id 816152284501250" in the event log. Clicking the in-game wurmpedia button will look up the page for "null". The item will disappear if you log out with it in inventory and can also be gotten rid of in a garbage heap or by sacrificing it. Another way to solve the issue is to cross to another server, this will repair it and make it a regular cocoa product of 100 grams.
  13. You can't actively choose which sorcery title to use. They follow certain rules to combine into new titles. Here's the information I've gathered about it in a table.
  14. At the request of Dargol I leave him this feedback. He's an active player who is helpful and quick to respond. He exceeded my expectations when it came to making a serious issue with my order right.