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  1. I got you some dark brown to use. Enjoy !
  2. Sent. Enjoy the red dye
  3. Hey Breezzy. I've sent you the blue. Enjoy
  4. I sent you the red dye. Send me another picture when its all done
  5. Done. Have fun with the dye
  6. I've sent you both dyes. Enjoy. I did not send any white dye since it won't make things look white. It does make lamps brighter. It's just how colors work in the game. Bdew explains it here.
  7. Hey, I sent you the black dye. Have fun with it. White dye will only make the statue slightly darker. It can not make it look like marble.
  8. Glad to hear you like the dye. I sent you some more. Have fun with it
  9. Hey Breezzy, thanks for ordering. I've sent you 20kg red. Enjoy!
  10. Done. Have fun with your bright lights
  11. Sent you black and green. Enjoy
  12. Sent to Andrea. Enjoy Done. Thanks for ordering.
  13. I've mailed out your yellow and blue. Have fun with it!
  14. Sent you the dye. Enjoy