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  1. Two paved road to the wishing tree is now finished. It can be reached from G24 (1761,588) and E22 (1633,341)
  2. The setup at the wishing tree is starting to come together now. We have a fence to keep everyone safe from wandering monsters, a fountain and a small mine. Easiest way to get up the mountain is to ask for a summon in freedom chat. There is a path starting at G24 (1761,588) and E22 (1633,341).
  3. Yes, that's one that will increase it with everyone doing it right after the pulse event. The worst ones though seem to be single large damage ticks on the pulse event.
  4. We are 8 hours into the otherworldly monolith on melody. It looks like the corruption it takes on pulse events is very large. It has gone up by about 8 several times now, and we can only repair small amounts of it with purify. It is now at Ql: 36.659607 and dam: 45.168324. At this rate, it will be gone in the next 8 hours.
  5. We have a fence set up to keep all safe while sermoning, a shack with food and drinks and altars for all! It's been fun so far, however it's looking corruption will be destroying it within the first 24 hours. So come over soon if you want to join in!
  6. Locations: Otherworldly Monolith:,1109 Wishing Tree:,441 Start time: Otherworldly Monolith: Thursday, 9 March 2023, 9:30 AM UTC Wishing Tree: Thursday, 9 March, 11:00 PM UTC Effects at the site: Everyone gains +10% quality gained when improving metal (Mag) / cloth (Fo) items. Otherworldly Monolith: The pulse effect summons meteorites everyone can mine and allows followers to rummage for random lumps. Wishing Tree: The pulse effect and refreshes flowers/trees/bushes everyone can harvest and followers can harvest special ingredients. More information here
  7. Thanks. You can send it to Arno.
  8. Indeed it does not show on the tooltip, however you can see it on examine: [21:58:20] It is imbued with special abilities from a salve of frost and will deal frost damage.
  9. No longer for sale wts 6 lumps glimmersteel - 3s each lumps are 0.4kg and 80ql
  10. Archmage Arno it is