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  1. I'll be there with bells on
  2. I'll kiss it, and love it, and feed it every day.
  3. Solid weapon, reliable seller! Will likely be back for more in the future.
  4. 81 BOTD - chisel Making bricks is a lot of work. Please send to stimpack whenever possible! Thanks as always!
  5. ~1ql scissors, iron CoC72 - 2.02 silver COD to Stimpack, please. Thanks, always! 5.95QL knife, iron CoC83 - 3.87 silver This as well!
  6. Would like to be sent This grooming brush if possible 67 BOTD. Imped to 50-60 as well. Just send whenever you can
  7. Sent an message, but maybe it's better to post. Can I get the highest casted Trowel you have at the time of mailing. Ty! Just COD to Stimpack.
  8. This is the Dye Guy. I promise you, he is the go-to man when it comes to dye. If you've ever purchased anything dyed from anyone else, chances are the dye came from this guy. Great to work with and absolutely recommend.