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  1. Any directions? Got no clue if you're on a road, or anything, I'm Charlliewaves
  2. Is there a way to add me so I can teleport/respawn there or do I need to travel there? If I need to travel which spawn is closer? Haven's Landing Freedom Market The Howl
  3. I've just started playing two days ago and been solo trying to learn the game a bit though I am at a point where I feel I lack a real direction after building my first small cart. I'm hoping to join a small village [1-10 people] to keep things simple and actually make each milestone feel much greater rather than having a big group that just zergs[?] and end up making you feel like another cog in the machine. I'm willing to swap servers (I can make a new character) since PVP feels like it could be a more raw experience than PVE and probably have more longevity. Preferably a village that isn't too far along since I don't want to "skip through the ages" and actually experience the game from humble beginnings and not spoil too much apart from achieving it. Discord: killermen962#5932