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  1. Hey! This is a bit off topic, but how are you with supplies? We have thousands of ingredients at high QL looking to sell off, if your interested then shoot me a dm
  2. So. This is a HUGE feeler post, but I've been part of the game since steam launch, racked up over 1k hours, currently part of a very small village who's numbers have dwindled massively, I've had a very brief idea of performing what I have dubbed "The Great Reset" Basically, my aim would be to gather as many of the current active player base, and move into a suitable area on one server, as many of us as possible. I believe (and many others) that the servers are too big for the population of active players. Like I said this is a feeler post, and it would require people that want to "start fresh" and create a more vibrant community. There are many ways of going about it, whether it be one deed that everyone can chip in for, or a large area where people can place personal deeds, but I'm just thinking it would be cool to get everyone closer together This could easily fall flat on its face and disappear into the shadows of the forums, but let me know what ya think!
  3. Hi, do you mean someone to come and fill your pans, or travel to someone who supplies it all? I can offer services of coming to you and filling what you have if needed
  4. New town?

    Hi, we are the settlement of Moenia at P/Q 18/19 and have been growing our alliance stronger everyday, where are you located? We are in the same boat, but numbers are starting to pump up again, currently 18 online with our alliance with many more online at other parts of the day! If you wanted to join the alliance let us know
  5. Awesome! We are very close at Moenia, will gather the troops! Will come for a trip over today to scout the area if you need any help setting up, hit me up!