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  1. Bugfix: Removed Hans and Simeon from the generic creature name list. ??? What was the problem here?
  2. Please add / connect 1333, 2883 to 1069, 2883 Thanks!
  3. Thanks for making this available! Really a once-in-a-Wurm-lifetime event for many!
  4. Exactly. So what is morning according to the organizer?
  5. It's morning. (And afternoon.. and evening...)
  6. Doing my best to make ready for the location announcement... would be helpful to know if it is accessible from N/S/E/W coast... Thanks for arranging!
  7. Nice pick. Nice enchants. 1.5G tho... You'd think it had a 100 imbue. Is this typical or do we just have a lot of folks REALLY wanting a supreme?
  8. Opinions on trait presets: Removable traits are -100 Speed traits are 10 (100 for rare - unbelievably fast) Draft traits are 11 (101 for rares) Things you want to really stand out = 500 So at a glance I should be able to see that: 53 means 5 traits, 3 being draft 41 means 3 speeds and one draft and so on. Anything under 0 need genesis 100 and over means you have a rare trait 101, 112, 153 etc would indicate 1, 2, or 3 draft traits, one possibly being rare 500+ means there is a special trait that begs for attention...
  9. I'm on the fence on this one. Pro: Remove or change the name. No one would even miss it. Con: The perception of a word combination occurs in the mind, and that perception being being projected into the community and asking the community to agree and have the game changed is just the sort of RL wokeness I think the detractors are really railing against.
  10. Too long has this menace been stealing our sheep and cattle to do god knows what with! I'd like to formally invite everyone to a Slaying of The Venerable Starving Kyklops! Well, he hasn't been eating them!
  11. Nothing like one-shotting overaged trees. Orange forests beware!!!! Thanks for the uber-hatchet!
  12. Yeah yeah my bad. I had to read it again.
  13. [21:34:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.