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  1. Closed!

    got them ty can close!
  2. Closed!

    looking to get 3 of them made any ql ty
  3. Free Bump to a awesome smith thanks again for the suits will be back.
  4. awesome smith!! bought a 80ql iron suit and already back for more!! - New Order- 90ql plate steel "Great Helm" 80ql plate Gold "Great Helm" 80ql plate copper "Great Helm" thanks
  5. sold

    sold please close ty
  6. Hi i'll take a 80ql set with whatever helm sent to Lemlox ty
  7. awesome seller bought a 70ql jewelry set from him can't wait to enchant it thanks again bud
  8. Awesome boat builder super fast and easy to work with thanks again
  9. Hello would like to order a Knarr-"Cedar" -ign Relgok
  10. Awesome service very fast would buy again from him thanks!! -Relgok
  11. me to i was told shortly around 1pm central time and still nothing .
  12. anymore news on this is it safe to use the shop?