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  1. and once again almost all rituals were carried out without notice and or in advance in the forum that could participate as few Prists as possible, thanks for nothing. how is that even possible that almost all the other servers can do a propper annoucement in advance, but we can't ?
  2. The priests among you who strive for great things and strive for the title divine and the advantages that go with it (benediction), know that some entries are more difficult to access than others. I'm referring specifically to "cast a global spell" (or link you with a prister of the this ") Unfortunately, I keep hearing that some priests who can afford the luxury of having various alts as "favor batteries" cast the global spell alone. that sucks for those priests who cannot afford it, because a LOT of time and effort passes between the individual rituals to recharge the "strength" of the respective deity through prayers and preaching. So it is more or less a collective effort of the community that the ritual can take place. This achievement is then destroyed by individuals by stealing the "cast". ((That'S what I heard at least)) So I suggest that when the time of a ritual should come, that a group of priests as large as possible meet who still need the journal entry and then do the magic together. that should take place at a time when as many as possible "can" be there I would like to hear your opinion on this
  3. It's already very late for me and I accidentally sent your package back instead of accepting it could you send it to me again, please I'm sorry
  4. I Would love to Order your 71QL Plate Iron Armor which is currently in your stock, inclusive a HELM Voucher and in the Future maybe a reimp Pls send to Optales
  5. are there any rules or how-to's for joining the sermon group In the Last one we had a Googlespreedsheet to manage all the diffrent Sermons (and tomezones) How do you do it here?
  6. I've been a regular customer of Brotteil for a long time now. His Service is awesome and he is fast as f*ck ,(boy) I can only warmly recommend his forge and his forging powers. His Prices are good and more than justified. 11 out of 10 stars
  7. WMDELETE aea0cbce2ce5c7678be6431dc4a03d93:MD5 (thanks for the note) hope it will work now
  8. Part 3 of the Bridge in Progress Thx to: Oxmoggxx from Luxor for finalizing the Bridge an "Anonymus Helper" for leveling the last 39 slopes :=)
  9. EDIT: The Road leads West on the Coastline roghly to Luxor (the last part will be build soon)
  10. WMADD LatLng(188.493679, 389.4375)=Mantology ;
  11. wo wo woooow .... calm done dude ... i just a plan nothing more ... if not than not that is the first segment @Cecci ... i've already done an update post ... and compering arched with flat is a bit ... mähhh ... u see that big a** flat bridge over at idk here ... the bridge is hugh and its benefit the whole area i think he did great and its great work for that massiv project
  12. i think u mean Q15 but the dudes they are live there dont want it besides i got a help offer from "Luxor" but more help will always be more helpfull ^^ especially when it comes to dirt piles in the deep see level ^^
  13. update ... bridge segement 2 Thanks to Biglulu from R21 "Cornner nowich" for helping me plan the second part and attach some wood to the bridge