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  1. are there any rules or how-to's for joining the sermon group In the Last one we had a Googlespreedsheet to manage all the diffrent Sermons (and tomezones) How do you do it here?
  2. I've been a regular customer of Brotteil for a long time now. His Service is awesome and he is fast as f*ck ,(boy) I can only warmly recommend his forge and his forging powers. His Prices are good and more than justified. 11 out of 10 stars
  3. WMDELETE aea0cbce2ce5c7678be6431dc4a03d93:MD5 (thanks for the note) hope it will work now
  4. Part 3 of the Bridge in Progress Thx to: Oxmoggxx from Luxor for finalizing the Bridge an "Anonymus Helper" for leveling the last 39 slopes :=)
  5. EDIT: The Road leads West on the Coastline roghly to Luxor (the last part will be build soon)
  6. WMADD LatLng(188.493679, 389.4375)=Mantology ;
  7. wo wo woooow .... calm done dude ... i just a plan nothing more ... if not than not that is the first segment @Cecci ... i've already done an update post ... and compering arched with flat is a bit ... mähhh ... u see that big a** flat bridge over at idk here ... the bridge is hugh and its benefit the whole area i think he did great and its great work for that massiv project
  8. i think u mean Q15 but the dudes they are live there dont want it besides i got a help offer from "Luxor" but more help will always be more helpfull ^^ especially when it comes to dirt piles in the deep see level ^^
  9. update ... bridge segement 2 Thanks to Biglulu from R21 "Cornner nowich" for helping me plan the second part and attach some wood to the bridge
  10. i didnt't plan to make tham flat
  11. it was often mentioned that the way around is far to long and difficult but non had the idea of a bridge... i will build it first segment is finished ... tomorrow i will put a start on the other side of the shore and than ... wörk wörk wörk ^^
  12. Hello Everyone on Harmony specially everone who live in the SouthEast of Harmony (everyone between T16 to P12) I'am Planning a 2 wide wooden Bridge From P14 (the Deed is named Matology) to R14 I want to connect North with South so they(and I) dont have to travel per boat or the long way arount through the mountan... that is just Phase 1 of the Project, next stage is a highway from P14 to O15 and from there another Bridge to O16 and from there Stage 3 Highway to Harmony Bay. I do this all by myself but I would be Happy if someone come and assist me a bit. Eather through Carpentry work, material preperation, or material donations (note sry 4 my bad english ^^) Hope to See you there... ps. I can Provide some Bed's for Helping hands and A monestary for all who wants to pray a bit ^^ so long *wave*
  13. the deed new tristram @ P14 was disbanded few weeks ago
  14. I have currently encountered the problem that only the Mayor of a deed can rename the animals via Manage Animals (after they are branded). Is there a way to transfer this right to other citizens via permission? Because even if I have the same rights as the Mayor it still dosn't work That would be really great if that would work. Best regards, Optales
  15. that would be new to me the alignment is something bad, hey every 30 minutes +4 free alignment? no i dont want that xD?! only time u get more allignment is killing a whitelighter / darklighter or confession to prist. so fine by me