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  1. Cattle Ranch New 2023

    Map link http://cattleranchguide.info/
  2. Cattle Ranch New 2023

    Custume Mate i have still got a few things left to do with the server like web map and other stuff. Am the only one doing the work at the mo lol
  3. Hi Everyone i have started a new server and looking for player to join.Also looking for admins and event planner and so on. Modded List to come soon 6.0 skill gain Discord: https://discord.gg/SEwxQHTy6nMind and body starts at 31Fighting at 30Creatures 50k
  4. Hi Solmark Thanks buddy i am testing it now and as of 10 mins in its looking good
  5. Hi Everyone Just want to ask what does this mean as i have reintall the server a few times to try i get to the bottom of it "WARNING org.fourthline.cling.protocol.RetrieveRemoteDescriptors: Device descriptor retrieval failed:, 401 Unauthorized" Anything i can do to stop it or sort it Thanks
  6. Thanks for the post reply bud i have updated to help everyone, also i know there a lot of steep slopes around i will get onto that asap 😅😅
  7. Thanks i have updated my post hope this is better
  8. Hi Everyone Hope your all well. So i have played Wurm for a long time and always wanted my own server so here it is. Look for The Rock Apes Gaming in the Server list or IP: The server as: -Free Deeding (upkeep is enabled) -10x Skill Gain -10x Action Speed -Mind Logic 31 -Body Control 31 -Fighting 30 -Overall skills are at 1 -No priest restrictions (can do all spells) -Field Growth Tick 1 Hour -No Crop Rot -Market Area -Max Creatures is set to 100000 - Aggressive % 22 -All new players to the server can ride Horses and load cart -Online Map coming soon -website coming soon -Discord https://discord.gg/rYEaXh7 -Spawn Area as Public Mine, Blacksmith, Farm, and Inn and more to come -Also is you make roads from spawn to help players get around the map the is a coin reward for every 50 tiles you get 45 copper and it you build a gruad tower tou with get 1 Silver (not for ones next to or on deeds) Please Remember as of this Post The spawn area is still being built and there is a lot of steep slopes around. Mods -Bag Og Holding -Dig to gound and cart -Bountys -Hitching Posts -Planters -Tent Sleep -Random Treasure Chests -Better Farming -Move to Centre -Inbreed Warnings -Crop mod -Taxidermy -Spell Mod -And more to come Am also looking for GM;s and CA's to help with server admin stuff please pm me in discord Please also remember I may not reply as i have a full time job but i will ASAP Thanks for taking the time to read my post and hope to see you in the Game