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  1. Rituals have already been performed before without any posts. Useless discussion.
  2. Because in plan was to do it today?
  3. Why didn't they ask if they could join his ritual, for example? Double standards?
  4. You are REALLY want to be responible.
  5. Not a mild warning, but a compulsion. Why should I put pressure on anyone at all? What part of the community do you represent? Also 5 powders + deferred ritual is better than ritual at time. As i said ritual was planned in the beginning of week. For the unwritten rules of old-timers, newcomers can not be responsable and should not be subject to pressure for it.
  6. Yes, that's what I mean. Once again, nothing personal, just a question for the defense team. They also write to people in private messages, don't have anything to do with Dargol. And these people raise the question of some kind of honor. I don't think it's right. I didn't participate in the ritual, and I don't have any interest from the store by the way, but i know Dargol. He can be rude, but he always does business honestly.
  7. It is a much more adult position to write in the store's theme so that you don't have to deal with the trader. (not a personal claim, "group?")
  8. You REALLY don't want to do anything we don't like. Or we will write that you are a bad trader. It's pathetic. Also for some reason no one is outraged about the Fo ritual today.
  9. You are not correct. Other patricians of ritual get journal entry. It was discussed with part of community, why your part of it is more important than our?. TC almost immediately moved on to threats to destroy Dagrol reputation, it is logical that the answer was rude. It's not first ritual. You said that there are many people who don't like it. I said there are many people who like it. Don't think somebody have more rights, but somebody have more opportunities. What's done is done. Sorry for bad english. P.S. It is natural that those who do not like it write here, if you are happy, you don't need to go to the forum and complain
  10. This was already been planned on Monday. On the forum, the topic was not created because the ritual could be performed on their own. What planned events are we talking about? Since when does one speak for the majority? Many people are comfortable getting a slip now and are grateful
  11. Great idea! +1 from Russia with love