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  1. We, 30 Russian guys from the chat, decided to join your project, along with our alts. We don't know how to fill out forms, so we just start chopping and digging. By the way, tell me where are your settlements? We believe that starting around you will be the best sign of respect. Sorry for my auto-translation. Best regards, russian side of project team!
  2. No, this is a very bad idea. Few people can't often switch between play and discord. Most communicate precisely because the chat is in the game.
  3. I am a fairly experienced player, and in this channel, I think I answer game questions much more often than all CAs combined. I think many players will confirm my words (my nicknames: Javascript, Solomeya, Ashbringer). Many newcomers stayed in the game only thanks to my answers and the answers of people with similar motives. But I find answering these questions not only fun, but work. And any work must be paid. Free communication on any topic is my pay. I talk a lot, and nevertheless find time to give a huge number of answers. I beg you very much - let us communicate. Russian people are very sociable and it is really difficult for us to play without talking. There is no need to make a simulator of a silent redneck out of an MMO game.